Simple, Genius Ways Upcycle Your Old Storage Boxes

Simple, Genius Ways Upcycle Your Old Storage Boxes

From years of staying in the same space, there is a high possibility that there are old storage boxes in your garage or storage room that have probably worn out or rotted over time. Generally, those boxes in your basement often go unnoticed but surprisingly, as a homeowner, you can bring new life to these bins. They can even become new home decor or can be used as self-storage recycled containers.

With the holiday season coming up, everyone is beginning to spruce up their spaces to ring in the spirit of Christmas and New Year. To save up some time and money, here are some renovation hacks and ideas using your old storage boxes:

Fabric-covered storage bins
If you check your garage or basement, chances are there are a pile of leftover cardboard boxes lying around and waiting to be tossed out. But hold up! Those card boxes can breathe new life in your home. Bring them out for a creative spin and fold them in sphere shapes to create small storage bins for your rooms. Cover them in satin or coloured fabric for a pop of colour in your space. You can put your chargers, cables, bags, or you can even use it as a fake flower pot.

Mini greenhouses
During the pandemic, most people who were stuck at home discovered their love for plants which, as result, has seen an uptick in the home gardening industry. If you are one of the many who have developed a green thumb over the past months, you may want to unload those plastic storage boxes and use them to house your plants. Not only is it efficient for you as you can easily move it around, but it is also a space-saver as you are able to put all your botanical babies in one section of your home.

Christmas decor organizer
Now that the Christmas season is just hanging around the corner, people couldn’t be any happier to begin decorating their homes to fully experience the holiday spirit. The unfortunate reality of this is we will have to slide everything back into the garage come early January. But fret not as you can easily use your boxes to store your Christmas decors and ornaments and make sure that you store it according to categories so it would be easier for you to locate where is what the next time you set it up.

Upcycled gift boxes
The gift-giving season is still very much alive and people haven’t completely wrapped up their Christmas list just yet. If you have a leftover card or shoe box in your storage room, we highly suggest that you reuse them as gift boxes for your loved ones instead so you can save time and money. Make sure you sanitize it well first and put some cute little decors or DIY gift wrappers to make it look attractive for the receiver.

There is a long list of ways to upcycle your old storage boxes if you set aside some time to brainstorm and get creative. For your self-storage service needs, feel free to visit us at The Box.