Small Business Benefits from Mini-Warehousing: Size, Material and Weather No Matter

Small Business Benefits from Mini-Warehousing: Size, Material and Weather No Matter

Small Business that can benefit from mini-warehousing

You’ve left the corporate world to work at the one job you’ve dreamed of for years, in the one workplace that makes you happy.

You’ve started your own business, working out of your own home or small business office.

No more lazy co-workers, battling bosses or unpaid overtime hours. You work to make your own life better, saner and more fulfilled.

As time goes on, orders come in and space becomes a factor. A bigger house or office is not an option, nor is emptying a room or two to gain space. How to expand in order to succeed?

Mini-warehousing is a sound solution for small business growth. Here are four advantages offered by thinking outside the house and inside The Box:

The size of your company (and your house) are not a factor: Access to offsite storage means your company grows at the rate you want, and orders finish at a satisfactory pace, without increasing the size of your home or removing any of its contents. As raw materials come in and finished products ship, all the work emanates from one organized location.

The materials have safe, secure storage: Theft, weather, visitors and construction are just some situations that affect the readiness of your home office or small business. None of these factors affect your mini-warehouse. The safe and secure building is weatherproof, climate-controlled, well-lighted and provides 24-hour-a-day access.

Storage is not one-size-fits-all: Your mini-warehouse staff provides moving services, a variety of storage unit sizes and accesses, boxes for storage and shipping, drive-up units and flexible online payment plans.

Less clutter means more productivity: Your small business or home office remains neat and clean when materials remain offsite. You spend less time looking for what you need when everything you need has a proper storage place.

Mini-warehousing brings optimum order and organization to your small business, saving time and money. The additional space and peace of mind is the perfect silent partner in your business: vigilant, very affordable and virtually indestructible.