Sparking Joy: Using The KonMari Method To Organize Your Workspace

Sparking Joy: Using The KonMari Method To Organize Your Workspace

“Does it spark joy?” has become a million-dollar question to many ever since the Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo became a global hit in 2019. People initially associated it with decluttering homes and spaces and maximizing self-storage, but later on,  it evolved into a question that relates to a clutter-free work and personal life. 

Workspace in the modern age has become an essential part of a wage earner’s day to day life, especially if you’ve been working from home in front of your computer and a plain white wall. It’s high time that you get creative with your workspace! Here are some tips and tricks to spruce up your little corner using the KonMari method:

Have an idea in mind

When you have an idea of how you want to sort out your workspace to make it look good and organized, everything will just follow. Like many other things in the world, the ball will only start rolling when you know where you are heading. Identify which kind of work environment you thrive in and how functional you want your space to be. Try to take a closer look at your space at home and mirror it in your workspace. You’d be surprised how productive you’ll become when you feel homey at work. 

Commit and take action

We play with a lot of delaying tactics in our minds when we think of decluttering our workspace. You are probably procrastinating a presentation or running after an unscheduled meeting, hence, the inability to allocate a fixed time to organize that waist-high stack of paper on the side of your table. It takes a lot of commitment to finish a job, let alone taking an action to accomplish it. Little by little, set realistic decluttering goals at the beginning of the day and make sure you tick them off your list before you clock out. Start with utilizing self-storage services that are widely available in Dubai. 

Go digital

We are now inching closer to a paperless society. If your company is still using papers and physical notes, then you’re probably still living in the 2000s. You may have noticed that almost everything you need to declutter in your office boxes and drawers are papers. Go digital and start scanning your documents so you can easily store them on your computer or in your company’s cloud system. Not only does it prevent you from stacking up papers at work, but it also innovates internal processes in your company. 

Tidy by category, the KonMari way

The default move is to arrange and organize stuff based on location but in KonMari’s way of decluttering, it is more efficient to sort out your belongings according to category. She said if you put together the items under the same category in one place, then it will be easier for you to see how much you have and how much you need to get rid of. 

Answer the question, “does it spark joy?” 

Of course, it will sound overwhelming at first because we keep our stuff for many emotional and sentimental reasons. But the key to decluttering your workspace is to get rid of things that do not serve you. Consider jotting down a list of items that you critically need at work and identify which ones are no longer necessary, then filter your way down. There is no other way to achieve a clean, organized space than removing invaluable objects. 

Tidying a workspace can surely be a lot of work especially when you are dumped with other more important tasks. But trust us, it pays to work in a clean and efficiently organized work environment. For self-storage solutions, contact us at The Box.