Summer Wardrobe: It’s Time To Declutter Your Closet Once Again!

Summer Wardrobe: It’s Time To Declutter Your Closet Once Again!

A closet is more than just a place to store your garments; the clothes it holds within its doors embody who you are and carry a piece of memory. Therefore, it can be challenging to let them go. However, a messy wardrobe can make dressing up an overwhelming task. You might feel stressed and anxious as it can be difficult to find the correct pieces for your perfect outfits. So, decluttering is essential. Luckily, the holidays give you ample free time to sort your clothing and move unnecessary to a storage unit or a thrift shop. Therefore, let’s look at how to declutter your closet. 

Step 1 – Take all your clothes out.

The first step is simple. All you need to do is remove all your clothes from the closet. By doing so, you will be forced to handle each one and cannot find an excuse to delay organizing them. It will also enable you to see the number of clothes you own accurately. Most times, people don’t realize just how many garments they can be holding onto inside their cupboards. Therefore, they tend to believe they do not have enough and purchase more outfits which adds to the volume. 

Step 2- Sort everything you own into categories.

After taking your clothes out, you need to sort them into different categories in three separate piles; clothes you want to keep, discard, and send to storage. For the categories, you can divide them by purpose and how often you wear them; for example, frequently worn garments, seasonal clothes, party wear, and clothes you don’t fit into, to name a few. 

Remember to be honest with yourself. If you have not worn a dress in ages, there is no reason to hold onto it anymore. So move them to the discard pile. If you want to keep a few pieces for sentimental reasons, make sure to have a maximum limit of five and donate the rest to a thrift shop, where someone else can find a use for it. By doing this, you will not hoard clothes and will utilize the closet space better. 

Step 3 – Only keep what you need in the closet and move the rest.

Once you have categorized your clothes, only keep what you need for the next two months in your closet. Then pack the ones you need to send to the storage service and carefully drop them off. Make sure to adjust the temperature of the unit to one that suits your outfits. The best temperature for Garments is less than 23°C with 55% or less humidity. The clothing you wish to discard, torn or damaged, needs to be sent to recycling, and the rest can be donated to a thrift store or a welfare center. 

The above three steps can help you effectively organize your closet so that you can get dressed peacefully and look your best during summer. If you want more information regarding storage solutions in Dubai, make sure to contact the Box.