Hi, we’re The Box team..

  • WadihThe Big Cheese

    He’s the chosen one! Started from storing a few boxes in his villa in 2006 to help out his friends, his passion and drive to make people’s lives a little better led to your favourite self storage company today!

  • LisaHappiness Engineer

    Often, the first thing our customers notice is our happiness at the office! Even when it’s not a Thursday! Just as they wonder how, they notice Lisa waltzing around intricately weaving situations and solutions, leaving only smiles behind. With 16 years experience, Lisa makes it hassle-free, not just for us but also our raving customers and partners.

  • WaseemThe Money Magician

    For every ‘Box-er’ seeing the numbers falling down in Matrix brings to mind only one person - Waseem! We don’t know how he does it but all things finance - Waseem’s our guy! Since 2014!

  • AmyThe General

    A true ‘Box-er’ since 2011, Amy has been in every department and seen all there is to see at The Box. Which is why she’s the best office manager we’ve got. Amy’s passions extend to collections as well and she rings a bell (literally!) in the office each time she collects.

  • JelithMarketing Whiz

    Relatively new but a ‘Box-er’ as can be regardless, Jelith is our go-to guy for all things Marketing! His creative flair, craving for collaboration and win-win situations usually means you don’t take long to incisively hit your target after you say Hi.

  • TheresaCustomer's Best Friend

    It never ceases to astonish how you feel you've known Theresa your whole life just after that first hello! Whether you are in a hurry or stressed, worried or confused - Theresa's the one you'd want to talk to...

Move Heroes

We didn’t just start calling them this! You should see the surprised reactions of clients who these guys have helped out!