The 5S Method: A Meticulous Approach To Workplace Organization

The 5S Method: A Meticulous Approach To Workplace Organization

It’s almost the end of the year and companies will begin to sort out their documents and close any pending work before 2020 ends. Businesses having an organization system in place will greatly benefit from the efficiency that it allows. As 2021 draws in, this special blog will talk about a unique Japanese principle that has helped business become more productive and organized. 

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The 5S system is a Japanese method created to achieve maximum efficiency and effective productivity through workplace organization. Through the 5S method, you can identify the items that might need to be placed in a storage space in order to create more room. It is a simple process that can help you maintain and organize your workplace through the following five steps coined in Japanese: seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (shine), seiketsu (standardize), and shitsuke (sustain). 

Let’s delve into the details of the ins and outs of this method and its five important practices.

Seiri (Sort)

The sort system, or better known as seiri in Japanese, involves eliminating any unwanted or unnecessary items from your workplace in order to reduce anything that could potentially disturb the workplace productivity. Along with removing any useless items, you can also set restrictions in place that can help in preventing any clutters within the office expanse. By going through the sorting stage, you will be improving the overall look of your workplace along with ensuring that cleanliness measures are in place. It also increases the amount of extra space around your office which can be useful in the coming days. 

It is important to note that the sorting stage should be implemented often because cluttering tends to happen often within a busy workplace. This also includes removing any obsolete machinery, unnecessary documents, and tools. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between what is valuable and what is a waste. Therefore, you can begin by asking yourself about the purpose of that item or if it is a frequently used equipment that holds a lot of value to your business. 

Seiton (Set In Order)

Seiton practices the art of organizing your workplace essentials in a way that they are easy to find and locate. This system ensures that workers do not end up wasting their time looking for items they need and immediately get to work. Setting things in order also maintains an amount of safety within the workplace by making sure everything goes smoothly without any hiccups. You can start by assigning permanent storage spaces for different items and make sure they always remain there so everyone can access them in one place whenever possible.

By setting labels on each storage space and keeping it closer to the main area of work, it makes it easier for workers to identify whatever they need without going too far. Create a system that lets you track the location of the items whenever they are passed around the workplace and enable the system to guarantee that the items always return to their original place in the end. 

Seiso (Shine)

One of the main requirements of the seiso system is to maintain and regularly clean the workplace and its equipment. This process ensures that any faulty machine can be immediately identified and fixed within a short period without disrupting the flow of the business drastically. By maintaining and cleaning the workplace, the main aim of this practice is to always keep the place tidy and pleasant. 

Moreover, by doing regular checkups, you will be inspecting the workplace processes and preventing any mishaps from happening along with making sure that the safety is intact. It also creates a fulfilling environment for the employees to work in and results in improved productivity once again.  

Seiketsu (Standardize) 

The standardizing stage involves making sure that there is a set process in place and everything operates according to a proper standard. For instance, you should make sure that everyone follows the correct steps to ensure cleanliness in the office space along with creating checklists that remind everyone to stay organized. This method keeps the workflow continuous which results in higher productivity and higher output. 

Once again, if everyone follows a standardized process, they will be creating a safer environment along with feeling satisfied themselves by the immaculate organization within the workplace. By achieving higher efficiency, you will also be reducing your overall costs along with a higher quality of productivity. 

Shitsuke (Sustain)

Last but not least, shitsuke involves organization in the long term. It includes thinking of keeping things in order in the future so that your business can continue sustaining and flourishing. By doing the shitsuke, you will be creating an order of discipline in the workplace without the employees feeling pressured into doing so. At this stage, it is also recommended that you hold regular training sessions to keep the employee turnover in your company informed at every stage of the business. 

By establishing your authority and reminding people again and again about maintaining discipline, you will be ensuring that your business thrives in the long run. Moreover, if you perform frequent appraisals and evaluations, it will help you identify the areas of inefficiency and you will be able to fix that through training before it causes too much trouble. 

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