The Benefits Of Choosing A Self Storage Provider That Offers E-Commerce Fulfillment

The Benefits Of Choosing A Self Storage Provider That Offers E-Commerce Fulfillment

With the rise of the internet, e-commerce has grown into a successful platform for retailers, especially for small businesses. As online shopping is convenient, more people are willing to purchase products through websites than visit physical stores. Therefore, companies can reach a broader demographic than they originally intended. One of the critical components of any e-commerce business is e-commerce fulfillment which is more than just a delivery or storage service. We will examine its benefits in this blog. 

What is e-commerce fulfillment?

It is a crucial aspect of any business that operates on an online basis without a physical store. It refers to the part of operations that deals with the delivery of your products. However, unlike regular courier services, this is wider in its reach and involves taking products to fulfillment centers where they will be picked up, packed, and stored until the date of shipping and delivery.

Regular fulfillment centers handle all of the above by themselves, with your input only required for storing inventory, billing the product, and preparing it for the hand-off. Therefore, you cannot access their storage facilities, and you do not have much power over the overall process. However, by utilizing our storage facility that offers e-commerce fulfillment, you can control how things are done, adjust it to your requirements and enjoy numerous benefits.

What are the benefits?

You do not have to source individual warehouses and couriers.

Suppose you do not wish to utilize e-commerce fulfillment. In that case, you will have to find warehouses and couriers to help in the logistics, which could drive up costs as different companies will have their individual markups. Furthermore, even if you go for a separate fulfillment service, you will still have to pay for your storage unit to store your stock. By opting for our storage service that offers e-commerce fulfillment, you can store your inventory and packages that need to be shipped in one space. We will also help pack and deliver your products, so you do not have to worry about the logistics. 

You have flexible unit sizes and rental payment options.

A crucial benefit of hiring storage services with e-commerce fulfillment is that you have the opportunity to select a unit size based on your needs. We offer various unit sizes within the same facility. Therefore, in the future, if you want to downsize or upsize the space, you can opt for another unit within the same building. You do not have to undergo the hassle of finding another warehouse, writing a new agreement, and then transporting your inventory there. We also have monthly and yearly payment schemes; therefore, you can choose which one is better for your needs. 

Your items will be protected because of the climate controlled facilities..

The temperature matters a lot when storing products, even those that are packed and awaiting delivery. In regular warehouses, when weather conditions change, the items within may become affected. Heat could result in melting and deterioration. Increased humidity levels can cause spoilage and may lead to the development of mold and bacteria.

However, as we offer climate-controlled facilities, the units will maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level at all times. Therefore, your items will be protected and remain in optimal quality throughout the duration of their storage period.

There are state-of-the-art security measures in place. 

When you engage in e-commerce, storing your inventory securely until they are ready to be shipped is crucial. As if a product is damaged, it can severely impact your reputation and profits. Therefore, our units are highly secure as they have sophisticated lock systems that only you can access. There are also high-quality fire suppression systems installed to protect your products from damage. The building also has 24/7 CCTV operation and security personnel, so you do not have to worry about safety. 

You can access wi-fi and other services.

Our facility has wi-fi available throughout the entire building so that you can access the internet at any time. It can be helpful when coordinating logistics and communicating with clients and suppliers. There are also meeting spaces available, so you can meet with customers or business associates if needed. 

Storage units that offer e-commerce fulfillment are an excellent asset for your business and help them become successful by serving as a flexible one-stop shop. Contact us at The Box for more information about storage solutions.