The Best Guide To Storing Your Belongings At A Storage Unit

The Best Guide To Storing Your Belongings At A Storage Unit

That’s it! You’ve finally decided once and for all to get rid of your clutter, find storage for your beloved collection, and make room for tomorrow! That’s great news! But then you’re left confused as to how storage units work, what you can store in them, and how to store them properly. Luckily, our storage experts at The Box are glad to give you a brief but effective guide to storing your belongings at a storage unit-especially if it’s your first time. 

How do you store things in a storage unit?

The key to storing your items inside a storage unit starts with proper planning. Think about the belongings you plan to keep inside your self-storage and plan on what unit size you’ll be renting. At this stage, you need to have three things prepared- the things you’ll be keeping, the storage facility you’ll be storing your items to, and the kind of unit you need for storage. 

There are a variety of storage units available; these include climate-controlled closed units, cage units, drive-up units, concierge units, as well as indoor and outdoor units. 

It will be easier for you to figure out how to store your items when you have an idea of how your unit looks and it’s storage capacity. The next step is to prepare the items you plan to keep. Clean your belongings and make sure it is in good condition when storing it. 

What should you not store in a storage unit?

For the safety of other people who also use storage units, there are items you should keep away from your self-storage. These things can include combustible items and flammable liquids. It’s also not advisable to keep hazardous items and chemicals inside. Refrain from keeping perishable items that can attract pests as well. 

There are things that are very susceptible to molds and mildew that must be avoided from being kept inside storage units. There are other people who try to keep plants inside a storage unit, especially when moving, however, this is not advisable due to the lack of access to water and sunlight that plants need to survive. 

What is the best way to pack a storage unit?

After you have prepared your items, it’s time to gather the packing materials and start packing them for storage. When storing collections and other important items, it is a smart idea to keep an inventory of these items. One tip to save extra space is by disassembling items that can be taken apart. The key here is getting as efficient as possible in saving storage space. If you need to stack items, place the sturdy, bulkier ones at the bottom and the fragile things on top.

In Choosing The Right Storage Facility

Several storage facilities will claim to be the best. It is crucial to keep an eye out for the few ones that are true to their promise. To help you choose the right one, you can always ask for a tour of the facility. Fortunately, there are storage companies that offer such visits. Security and accessibility are important factors to consider as well. At The Box, all storage units are accessible 24/7 at your convenient time. To help you find the right storage space for your needs, you can always visit us at The Box, and let’s discuss how we can help you make room for tomorrow.

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