The Best Way to Clean and Organize your New Home for a Stress-Free and Efficient Move

The Best Way to Clean and Organize your New Home for a Stress-Free and Efficient Move

While the idea of finally moving into a new house is exciting, after weeks of preparation and filling out a great deal of paperwork, the whole process can be very tedious and overwhelming. You have to undergo a lot of packing, organizing, and cleaning before the big day.

Once you get to your new place, plenty of tasks must be accomplished before settling down. But if you ensure organizing and cleaning your new home before moving day, it will assure you have a stress-free and efficient move. You may think this process is unnecessary, but it is a crucial step to save you from a lot of hassle when moving.

Here are pieces of advice to help you clean your new house, organize your valuables, and get your new life started in your new place. These are the best way to keep your home clean and organized for a stress-free and efficient move.

Before the Move, Start Organizing

Starting to organize your new home begins with packing up the old one. A specific plan to keep organized and clean is just as vital as completing every other aspect of your move. When packing for your new home, ensure you only bring what is necessary. Spend some time decluttering your valuables room by room. Donate or sell any items you won’t be using anymore. If you haven’t used something in six months, a good rule of thumb agrees that it’s okay to dispose of it. As for those items that you are not ready to let go of, pack them into box storage and store them in a storage unit.

Don’t Forget to Give your New Place a Deep Clean First

A thorough deep cleaning is essential before moving into your new home. And the best part is that you have an empty house to clean, so it will make things easier for you. Remember that cleaning the carpet is a must. Before bringing in furniture, make sure to shampoo it. Mop the floors and ensure that all necessary cleaning products are available. Remove any filth from the shelves, cupboards, and cabinets. To ensure that every corner of your new house is reached and sanitized, a perfect option is to hire professional deep cleaning services. Having professionals handle your deep cleaning will free up your time to finish organizing and, ultimately, make things less hectic for you.

Unpack Boxes in the Right Room

Keep track of every room, shed, basement, cellar, mudroom, and pantry in your new home. Determine how you will use each space, such as assigning bedrooms to family members, arranging an office or a guest bedroom, and designating multifunctional areas as a playroom, a craft room, or any other function. And, when you unload moving boxes from the moving truck, don’t just leave them by the front porch or in the living area. Make sure to place each box in the designated room right away. The importance of labeling packages here cannot be understated. Staying organized per room will assist you in organizing things in your new home in the most efficient way you can.

Work from Big to Small

Large and bulkier items should be unpacked and assembled first. By determining how you want the furniture to be arranged in each area, you’ll be creating the groundwork for where the rest of the small appliances will go. You can place area rugs in each room, then arrange beds, drawers, couches, stools, desks, and other large furniture pieces. Once the biggest job is completed, you’ll be able to transfer smaller items easily.

Unpack One Room at a Time

Finally, don’t get too worked up! Make a schedule for organizing your new home and getting things done. Try organizing one room for a day. List commonly used rooms like the bathroom and kitchen first, followed by rooms in order of priority, with lesser-used areas afterward. Focus on arranging every single room, which will also offer you time for spot cleaning. After you’ve finished each room, move on to the next, this will help you insert rest time and be able to visualize what you want each room to look like.

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