The Box And The Healthy Home Partnership That Will Elevate Your Moving Experience

The Box And The Healthy Home Partnership That Will Elevate Your Moving Experience

Dubai is the dream destination for many who live in the UAE and abroad. The city of gold has tremendous offerings, from high quality of life to inclusive policies. However, the moving process can be a daunting task. One challenge in this process is the limited floor space which instantly makes storage services in Dubai a necessity. Another hurdle is ensuring the safety of your family, especially during the current era. 

The Box and The Healthy Home’s partnership is a match made in heaven that single-handedly tackles both these aspects to assure you have a smooth moving experience.

The Healthy Home offers a wide range of specialized eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing solutions to ensure all aspects of your home are safe for loved ones. And we, at the Box, are the pioneers of lifestyle storage. We provide convenient and secure storage facilities in Dubai fitted with the latest technology and amenities to help organize the interior of your residence to maximize comfort and style. Both companies have over ten years of experience providing excellent customer service; thus, our partnership can significantly benefit you.

What is in store for you?

You can work with the finest service providers.

Finding reliable service providers in Dubai can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with the city. While online reviews can provide some guidance, their legitimacy can be difficult to assess. However, when you work with us, you can be assured of quality. We have received notable certifications, and our clientele includes esteemed individuals and companies from across the UAE.  

You can receive significant discounts.

Moving is an expensive process. Dubai particularly has higher costs of living compared to the other emirates. Thus, to help reduce your expenses, you can take advantage of discounts offered through our partnership. 

These are as follows.

  • We will provide you with value-added vouchers worth 400 dirhams to be redeemed at THH if you are new to Dubai and own a two or more bedroom apartment. The voucher can be obtained when you rent our storage unit.
  • Existing customers who fulfill the requirements can also receive the voucher as a token of our gratitude. Therefore, if you already own our storage unit in Dubai, you can use this voucher to receive discounts when sanitizing your new home.
  • Our clients who use a specific code will be eligible for a 10% deduction from any of THH’s services. 

You can manage time better.

Time management is essential to navigating life in Dubai. Suppose you are expected to work upon arrival in this city. In that case, it could be challenging to dedicate the time necessary to find services on your own. However, by using our partnership and acquiring the two services together, it will be possible for you to organize your schedule with ease. 

Moving to Dubai is a significant step in your life, which requires the support of experienced service providers to ensure it can be smooth and hassle-free. Therefore, contact The Box to learn more about how our strategic partnership with The Healthy Home can fulfill your storage and sanitization needs.