The Box Guides: Successfully Achieving A Bohemian Aesthetic In Your Home

The Box Guides: Successfully Achieving A Bohemian Aesthetic In Your Home

Bohemian decor is for the people who want their houses to be full of life, culture, and uniqueness. The Bohemian style reflects the way of life, making it an interior design option by blending materials, colors, and patterns from all over the world. If you are looking for a design or style that you can fully personalize, Boho may be the way to go.

To achieve the Bohemian aesthetic style, you must have enough space. You can obtain extra space by storing your seldom-used items in a self-storage box because these are cost-effective options for individuals and groups who want to keep their things safe and secure. The Box has listed a few guidelines for successfully achieving a Bohemian aesthetic in your home.

  • Natural finishes

In Dubai, natural, sustainable materials such as timber, cane, woven bamboo, and wooden decorations will help you provide that additional natural touch to your home when choosing furniture and design. So, it’s great to achieve a Bohemian style for your home using natural finishes.

  • Make use of light-coloured wood

Avoid dark or black objects when going for a bohemian look. Instead, opt for light-colored furniture and decor made of natural materials. Bright and airy sensations in boho homes give them an inviting sense. So use a light color scheme with warm, earthy tones inspired by nature and pops of accent colors in the form of pillows, accessories, and carpets.

  • Soft floor pillows

The bohemian environment is defined as a casual, informal, and friendly attitude. Add soft floor pillows and poufs to create a welcoming and ambient area that encourages guests to come in, sit down, and stay awhile.

  • Patterns, textures, and colors

Mixing and matching is the key to creating the perfect bohemian environment. The boho look is a diverse blend of natural elements, colors, patterns, and textures. You can use the allure of the boho style by using throw cushions, blankets, baskets, and rope hangings. 

  • Botanicals 

Plants give a classy bohemian look to your home. Greenery is one of the most essential and typical elements of a bohemian interior. They can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space and give it both literal and representative life. They are also fantastic for relieving tension and cleaning the air in your home.

  • Different light sources in combination

Adding the right amount of ambient lighting to your bohemian area will help you to feel more peaceful and pleasant. Add that additional ethnic and bohemian comfort, blend all the different light sources, such as string lights, lanterns, chandeliers, table lamps, and even candles. 

  • Layer rugs

Layer rugs offer a lot of flexibility in mixing various patterns and colors. It also gives your room even more texture. Layering a brilliantly patterned old rug or a handmade rug of natural fibers will be an ideal choice to create a boho style. 

In Dubai, it’s not difficult to achieve a bohemian aesthetic look for your home. You can get it easily by making the changes mentioned above. We at The Box will provide you with self-storage services that help you achieve a boho style in your home.