The Pursuit For Less – An Essential Guide To The 5 Types Of Minimalism

The Pursuit For Less – An Essential Guide To The 5 Types Of Minimalism

If you find the minimalist lifestyle calling for you, start with the kind of minimalism principle you could opt to live by. To help you better understand and grasp the concept of minimalism, our experts at The Box list the 5 most common types of minimalism and how minimalists can benefit from having a storage unit.

What does it mean to be a minimalist?

There is more to minimalism than uncluttered spaces, white-washed walls, and living with less. What does it mean then to be a minimalist? While there is no definite meaning to being a minimalist, there’s a consensus that leading a minimalist lifestyle entails living with only the essential. This means disregarding the wants and only choosing to live with the needs.

There is great comfort in knowing what to expect so research is very crucial. You don’t just go and try something without having some background knowledge about it. So if you are planning to embrace a subdued lifestyle, gathering as much information as you can will help you ease into it. During this transition, you will find that storage units can come in handy (which we will get to later in this article). It will simplify your process and ensure that you achieve your goals.

Why do individuals choose minimalism?

It goes without saying that it’s only inherent for us to consider our gains when we make our choices. In other words, people don’t choose without considering the benefits that are in it for them. The same goes for minimalism. There are several reasons why people decide to live a minimalist life including the following:


Perhaps the most popular reason why people live minimally is that it coincides with their frugal lifestyle. More than being free from financial burdens such as debt, minimalists spend their money on things that are essential, and purchase or invest in things with greater intention.


For people who are concerned with the environment, minimalism is the way to go. People choose to become a minimalist simply because they want to reduce their waste by lessening their consumption, thereby contributing positively to the environment.

Clarity and Peace of Mind

Stress and anxiety are common reasons why people choose to live a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism helps create a space for clarity and eliminates the suffocation and overwhelming feelings that are caused by clutter.

Quality Vs. Quantity

Several people become minimalists since they prefer to live a life of quality over quantity. They believe that it is not the material things that count but the experiences. Spending money on experiences rather than physical objects, such as the newest gadgets, are more important for such people.


Minimalism has spread across different disciplines and that includes design. Many individuals find the minimalist aesthetic appealing and they incorporate it within their interior, fashion, and architectural designs.

The 5 Types of Minimalism

With that premise, let’s go over a few of the most popular types of minimalism our storage experts at The Box have seen being practiced.


In its essence, experientialism is the polar opposite of consumerism. Rather than finding happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, and status in things that are tangible, experientialists find them in the intangible or in other words, in experiences. The experientialist invests in activities rather than material things. Memories are more important for this type of individual and it reflects on their lifestyle choices; hence, they tend to opt for minimalism.


Quality over quantity prevails for this type of minimalist individual. Basically, this adheres to the most fundamental aspect of having a minimalist lifestyle i.e. less is more. Essentialists have fewer things but their possessions are quality focused, built to last, and well, essential. They only have things that they need and do not wish for more than what’s necessary.


Individuals who practice enoughism believe that there will come a time where we will all have the things we actually need and adding more to it may turn our lives for the worst. It argues that humans are in constant yearning for things to satiate their desires, and lust after things they covet or possess to own. Enoughism stresses on the importance of self-restraint in a world that is easily influenced by consumerism.

Soul Minimalism

Soul minimalism goes beyond just having less and living with the essential; it’s more profound and it encompasses what’s deep within an individual. Simply put, it is minimalism at a spiritual level or a decluttered mind that brings a sense of clarity. The best example of people practicing this is monks.


As we mentioned before, one reason why people choose to lead a minimalist lifestyle is their concern for the environment. This is evident in people who practice a zero-waste lifestyle, are mindful of their consumption, and try different methods to reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re leaning towards becoming an eco-minimalist, you may want to check our blog on green packing solutions for storage units.

So how can storage services help with minimalism?

Minimalists can benefit from storage services – especially when they are still trying to get a foothold of the lifestyle. Even if you are decluttering your home for the first time, storage units can be used to store items that you cannot part with or things that hold a special place in your heart. Storage units provide you with convenience whenever you choose to downsize your needs as you embrace minimalism.

There will always be items that are seasonal – items you will only need come summer or winter. As an extension of your home, storage units help provide smart storage solutions for such items as well. The same goes for heavy and space-consuming equipment. Besides this, storage units can also help you keep your necessities safe and secure.

Start with us at The Box!

Take the first step towards a minimalist lifestyle. You can start with us at The Box to help you embrace it. Whether you are an essentialist, experientialist, a soul minimalist, an enoughist, or simply deeply care for the environment kind of minimalist, our experts at The Box can help you reach your lifestyle goals with ease. Drop by for coffee or tea with us today and let us help you make space for a better tomorrow. Get in touch with us here.