This Side Up- 4 Tips On How To Store Your Fragile Valuables Properly

This Side Up- 4 Tips On How To Store Your Fragile Valuables Properly

Moving day or not, storing your fragile valuables can be very stressful. You always have to worry about breaking the delicate belongings stored in your home. Packing up the fragile items can take up an unexpected portion of your time because it involves extra care.

However, you can ensure that everything you own is moved to your new place or a new storage unit safely and in one piece. By taking extra precautions and following the tips below, it is a guarantee that nothing in your house is going to end up being broken. 

Preparation Is Necessary

Our experts recommend having a strategy when your fragile valuables are involved. You should have a fair idea of what kind of things you own that belong in the delicate category. From there onwards, you should start visualizing how you are going to start packing them alongside other softer items. A strategy is best implemented with the right planning and preparation. 

When it comes to breakable objects, it is essential to know that you should not rush to finish the task. If you want to proceed with care and caution when handling these items, take your time, and do it well to avoid any mishaps that can break them. 

Use Protective Covering

Before packing starts, the first thing on your itinerary should cover the fragile items in protective bubble wrap or any other safe packing material. Make sure to stock up on the packing essentials and moving boxes beforehand so that you will not be running around stressed on your moving day. 

Use packing paper first since it effectively absorbs the shock in the unlikely event that your item falls. This material prevents items from breaking most of the time. Packing paper should be used generously in your delicate belongings.

Not only is it helpful if you are moving your fragile valuables, but also when they are stored in self storage units since it protects the objects from breaking. The second layer of bubble wrap is a crucial step in packing as well. It provides added safety, mainly when transporting items. 

Utilize Cardboard For Special Belongings

After you have secured your belongings with the bubble wrap, you can move onto covering the objects with cardboard pieces. Place the delicate item on a pre-cut cardboard piece and bend it to the object’s shape until it is fully covered. 

If there are any places where the fragile item could slip out from, then use scraps of cardboard to cover them. Afterward, use a lot of packing tape to ensure the cardboard layer is fixed in one place to secure the belongings inside. 

Be Aware While Unpacking

Once you have done the initial steps of securing your fragile valuables for transportation, unpacking is seemingly easier if you are moving into a new place. However, that does not mean that you should unpack without being aware of where you put the fragile things in the first place. It is easy to lose them in the sea of other packed belongings, and you might end up mishandling them. 

If you are packing your valuables to keep in a self-storage unit, then it is easier because the unpacking factor becomes eliminated for a while. At one point, you will have to unpack them once they have been retrieved from the storage unit, so it is important to remember to unpack them carefully. 

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