Tips You Can Follow To Empty Out Your Space Right Before Christmas Arrives.

Tips You Can Follow To Empty Out Your Space Right Before Christmas Arrives.

Christmas is just around the corner! And one of the highlights of the season is receiving gifts. The anticipation of opening them and seeing what your dear ones have got you is pretty awesome. Yet, for all its amazing moments, Christmas can also be hectic and may add to clutter. As the holiday draws near, you may find your home becoming more and more overcrowded with gifts and people filling up space. If you’re not organized before Christmas arrives, then you could find yourself with a lot of post-holiday items that have nowhere to go.

Emptying out your space from unwanted items brings a ton of positive energy and reinforcement to your life. Let’s take a look at a few tips to empty out space at home and use your self-storage right before Christmas so that you can manage the mess effectively.

Declutter in Advance

Plan to declutter your home well in advance so that after Christmas decluttering doesn’t become overwhelming. Clear out spaces one room at a time, starting from the smallest to the largest. To make things easier, make a list of priority areas you need to concentrate on first and focus on what you can do there to make it manageable. Pull everything out of the closet – even if it makes a big mess -see exactly what you’re dealing with and categorize items that need to keep, place them into storage boxes, and set apart items that you need to get rid of. Tick off items on your task list and room checklist as you proceed.

Donate Unused Items

It would be surprising to see how much ‘junk’ accumulates over the years such as the clothes and shoes that you don’t really wear, dusty crockery that have taken up permanent residence in your home, and so on. Go through your belongings and set aside items that you hardly use or have no need for. Donate them to charity, and you’ll get space! If you are selling or giving away large items, arrange for the recipients, to pick up items in advance. It’s also worth noting that some non-profit organizations will pick up unwanted items for free if they are in good condition

Get The Family In And Lighten Your Load

Remember, many hands make light work! Don’t do the donkey work all by yourself, recruit your family members – children too – and ask them to help, so that they can each take care of their personal belongings, making your work easy.

Place Large Containers in ‘Vulnerable’ Areas

There are certain places – such as hallways, corner chairs and tables, and countertops – that tend to pile up items quicker than others. Identify these problem spots and place large baskets and folding boxes. When your guests come, they can put gifts and whatever else they bring into them. Once they leave, you can simply arrange the gifts where they need to go. No messy piles to contend with.

Rely On An Efficient Storage Service

You may want to consider availing of storage services because, after all the decluttering work, you may find that there is a pile of items that goes into storage boxes. You can move these boxes to a temporary self-storage unit where you can store them as and when needed. Though most self storages have bigger spaces with long term renting options, look for facilities that have options for short term storage, so that you can easily access your items whenever you need them without worries.

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