Under-The-Bed Storage: How To Maximize Your Space Availability With The Right Solutions

Under-The-Bed Storage: How To Maximize Your Space Availability With The Right Solutions

Your bed is bound to take up a significant amount of space in your bedroom, and that leaves far less space in the rest of the room for storing your other belongings. However, the area under your bed is quite valuable for storage if it is used correctly. Besides using self-storage spaces, under-the-bed storage is essential if you want to keep valuables close to yourself. 

If you happen to have multiple rooms with big beds in your house, you can use the under-bed space at a maximum level. The under-the-bed storage involves the same strategy and planning that would go into any other organizing process, such as keeping it neat and tidy while utilizing several methods for keeping your belongings under the bed. 

The following options are an excellent choice when it comes to under-the-bed storage. 

Lidded Boxes

If your house is prone to gathering a lot of dust, then boxes with lids are an excellent option for under-bed storage. They sometimes come with locks, so you can use them to store valuable items that need to be locked away for safety. Moreover, you can keep your belongings that you often do not need in these boxes instead of letting them catch dust outside. 

Wheeled Boxes

Wheeled boxes are available for people that need quick and easy access to their stuff so they can store them in wheeled containers under their bed. Wheeled boxes with large dimensions are quite beneficial for storing many things ranging from garments, books, and other unused items. These containers are also available with the lidded option to avoid accumulating dust particles, mainly if you use the stored belongings regularly. 

Portable Drawers 

Nowadays, you can buy easy to use drawers and attach them to your bed’s underside for storage purposes. They can roll out at any time and provide an ample amount of space for storing anything you want. They are quite suitable in the children’s bedroom for storing toys and their clothes since it is easier for them to access. Another option can be to use them in the guest bedroom and store spare pillows or blankets that are not frequently used. 

Shoe Organizer

Storing shoes that are used regularly under your bed is another smart option. A commonly used shoe organizer available is the one that can be placed flat on the ground with the shoes placed in every compartment. Organizers are usually divided into medium-sized compartments so that you can store all your shoes in them. By placing them vertically on the ground, it leaves more space for other storage options as well. 

Storing Suitcases

Luggage can be stored under the bed, and it can be used as storage compartments when it remains empty. If you are the type to travel a lot, you should consider placing your suitcases under your bed for quick access and leaving other areas to store different items. Additionally, if you happen to run out of space and the suitcases are lying unused, then you can put your belongings in the bag and use it as a temporary wheeled box.  

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