Use Your Office Space for Business, We’ll Take Care of the Storage

Use Your Office Space for Business, We’ll Take Care of the Storage

Today’s small businesses have a lot to worry about. There is payroll and marketing, document production and don’t forget changing technology. So what do you do with all the equipment and materials that help make your business run? Transfer your items to our storage facility and you can access them anytime you need them.

Safe Keeping of Important Documents. Self-storage can help you declutter your office space of years of documents. These are items that you just can’t throw away but you don’t need it hanging around the office. They contain the institutional knowledge of your organization and sometimes you need to consult them. Let self-storage keep them safe until you need them.

Move Equipment Offsite. Does your line of work require the use of large pieces of equipment? There is no need to keep them in your expensive office space when you can store them for less at our storage facility. Equipment that you are considering shipping to another location? Store them in our facility until you make arrangements.

Furniture Storage. Remodeling your office space and need to move the old furniture out? Planning a big move to a new facility and need to store a few items in the meantime? We can help.

All our storage facilities are climate controlled. We have 24-hour security and monitor our locations by CCTV, keeping security our number one priority. We’ll move your furniture and help you find the right size storage unit for your needs.