What Can You Store At A Storage Facility?

What Can You Store At A Storage Facility?

By the time you’re reading this, getting yourself a storage space may have crossed your mind a couple of times already. However, your lack of knowledge about storage facilities may hold you back from getting one.  Don’t fret, our storage experts from The Box list down the frequently asked questions about storage spaces including what things you can actually store at a storage facility. 

Is Getting Self Storage A Good Investment?

One of the most compelling reasons why both private individuals and business people get storage units is because it is cost-effective. Storage facilities recognize that their customers want value for their money more than anything else. Due to this, facilities come with flexible rent terms that can work for anyone’s requirements. Storage units are not only affordable but also worth investing in. Additionally, storage units can provide the room you need to make your other investments safe.

Are Storage Facilities Safe?

Believe it or not, storage facilities are just as secure as your home, even much more than you’d expect. Technology has enabled storage facilities to become much safer. With state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, password protected units, 24-hour security, and the right employee protocol in place, storage facilities are guaranteed safe and suitable to keep your most valuable possessions. 

How Long Can I Rent A Unit?

Depending on your current needs, you can opt for either a long term or short term. Storage facilities are known to offer several options when it comes to how long the individual plans to rent a unit. Basically, if you plan to utilize your unit for not more than 3 months, it is considered short-term. Meanwhile, if you plan to have storage space for your seasonal clothes, sports equipment, pieces of furniture, art collection, and mini-warehousing, the long term is the best choice. 

What Is Climate-Controlled And Drive-Up Storage?

Perhaps one of the best things storage facilities can provide is climate-controlled storage units. These are perfect for storing items that require an extra level of care such as documents, fine art, furniture, and collectibles. On the other hand, Drive-up storage is a convenient way of accessing your storage unit. You can simply drive to your unit and load and unload your belongings directly from your vehicle. This is otherwise known as self storage garage units. This kind of arrangements is perfect for individuals who have busy lifestyles 

What Can I Store At Storage Facilities?

The possibilities are endless. You can store almost anything inside your storage unit. Self storage is not only limited to common items such as furniture, sporting goods, and household appliances. It can also serve as a mini-warehouse and storage facility for any business owner-especially for those who are in e-commerce. In addition, storage units are also the best places to store your documents for safekeeping.

When you’re planning on moving to another location or maybe renovating your home, storage units can help provide the space you need to keep your belongings. It’s also a perfect place to keep your household possessions while you sell your home and search for a new one. 

Get The Best Advice

Our storage experts at The Box are available to provide you with the answers you need for any of your questions regarding storage units. We can also assist you in finding the right unit size for your needs. And you don’t have to worry about packing and transport, we got it covered for you. To find out more about how storage units work, you can give us a call at 800THEBOX (843269) or message us on WhatsApp at +971504592216. Stay healthy, stay safe!