What Is The Right Way To Store Away Furniture?

What Is The Right Way To Store Away Furniture?

Storing away your personal belongings in the best manner is always a challenge given the various aspects that need to be taken into account when doing so. For furniture, in particular, there are certain components that must be given more importance so that they are stored in the most optimal way possible and stay in the same condition for the entire period of storage. To ensure your furniture is well kept and preserved, the following guide will be of utmost help when using a storage facility to revamp your personal space!

Just The Right Size  

Storing your furniture away at a storage facility is a perfect idea especially when you are looking to paint your house, bring in new furniture to suit the season, or to declutter your personal space. Before you begin to pack away your furniture, it is vital to book storage space in advance. 

This can help you plan up all the items that can be put away as well as ensure the unit is spacious enough to accommodate your belongings. Some pieces of furniture are very bulky and have to be stored just the way they are, for such special circumstances, finding the storage space with just the right size is essential. 

Break It Down

If your furniture can be dismantled, it would be of perfect help when storing it away as it will occupy the least amount of space. This way, you will have more storage space to keep away other items and utilize the entire storage as efficiently as possible. This can also help you meet your preference for a smaller space to store away all the furniture. Breaking your furniture down can also save you on any wrapping products that would otherwise be heavy on your wallet when wrapping all the furniture up. 

Wrap It Up

Once all the items going for storage have been cleaned and polished well, it is time to wrap them up properly. This will ensure that as the items are stored away, they will not gain any tears, scratches, or damages on the surface when stored over one another. When doing so, a good quality bubble wrap with combinations of air pillows and newspapers is a good packing strategy. This will ensure that your furniture, whether made out of leather, wood or even plastic, are all secure and well protected 

Balance Is Key

When stacking your furniture along with other household items, it is important to have your heavy and bulky furniture placed all the way at the back of your storage unit. For example, any beds, cupboards, wardrobes, mattresses as well as sofas can be placed right at the farthest corner of the storage unit so that other fragile pieces of furniture such as glass coffee tables and shelves can be safely placed over them. 

Balance can be established very well at the base itself by placing all the heavy furniture that can support other fragile ones, allowing for a good foundation for stacking to occur. For furniture made of glass and mirror, it is essential that all other items if placed over them do not damage the furniture.

By accounting for all of the above-highlighted aspects that must be taken into consideration when storing away furniture, your storage process will become easy. Even when you return to retrieve all your personal items, their condition will not be altered. If you are looking for a storage facility to fulfill all your storage needs, get in contact with our friendly staff at The Box on 800THEBOX (843269) and make self storage your primary choice. We will be more than happy to help!