What To Do With Your Decluttering Pile

What To Do With Your Decluttering Pile

One of the biggest challenges of deep-cleaning your house or the storage space is dealing with clutters. Not knowing what exactly to do with the stuff you’re getting rid of can easily overwhelm the cleaning process and may even un-do your decluttering progress. As per cleaning experts here are some easy options on what you can do with your decluttering pile. 



Donating unused, unneeded, or pre-loved items is one of the quickest ways to get rid of your decluttering pile. It also gives a greater satisfaction knowing something that you no longer need is benefiting someone else who most likely needs and appreciates it. 


Nowadays there are plenty  of places organized with a good cause allowing people to donate items that are still in usabel conditions. Do a small research and find good places you feel good about supporting and make your donations there. 


Give To Friends And Family 

Just like donating you can also offer your decluttering stuff that is in good condition to your friends or family. Of Course make sure you are not burdening  them by adding your clutter to their homes. If you remember a friend or family wanting to get an item that you’re thinking of getting rid of , it never hurts to ask or offer once. 

Simply put, your  offer should be free from any obligation or pressure to take anything they don’t need and most importantly they should be of acceptable quality. Don’t offer stuff that is broken, damaged, worn off, or needs major repairs. The same ethical consideration applies for donations as well. 


If they are interested in taking anything, then give them a deadline to take anything they like before you donate them. This avoids keeping your decluttering pile sitting around the storage space or room for too long. 



If you want to get rid of your clutters while making a little money on the side, then selling them is a great option. To do this however you should make sure they are in somewhat usable condition. An easy option to sell pre-loved items is through thrift or second-hand stores. Listing these items in online platforms like Facebook marketplace, or other local buy and sell groups is another hassle-free option to consider.


 Or if you prefer doing something more involved and open to transparent negotiation you can just host a garage sale for the stuff you are decluttering. Just make sure you are finding the right option to sell depending on your location and preference as selling takes a reasonable amount of time and effort especially for posting pictures, negotiating, meeting buyers , etc. 



If none of these options work then as a last resort you can throw or recycle what is possible. If you have stuff that you think may be of use at a later time, then consider a small and affordable  self-storage option as it gives guaranteed safety for your goods until you need them. 


Make sure you are considering throwing or recycling  items that are only broken, damaged, or truly no longer useful. That way you won’t unnecessarily add to the landfills and don’t donate stuff that are of no use for donation centers, wasting their time.