Why Creating An Inventory Is A Good Idea For Your Storage

Why Creating An Inventory Is A Good Idea For Your Storage

Storage units are available for anyone needing extra space for their homes. From storing personal belongings, art collections, sports, and recreational equipment, to small warehousing needs, storage units are very useful and versatile. 

Organizing your storage space helps you make the most of your unit. For individuals who constantly make use of their storage units, organizing it systematically will make it easier to locate your belongings right when you need them and will enable you to keep track of your belongings as well. 

There are many ways to organize your unit. One popular method is by creating an inventory of all the things you have in storage. In today’s post, let us go over a few reasons why keeping an inventory will benefit your storage and how to get it right. 

Maximizing Your Storage Space

Having the inventory of all the belongings you have inside your storage unit will enable you to maximize its use. It will be easier for you to know if you still have enough space for other items.  You will be able to assess if you have sufficient space for shelves to place your smaller items and save floor space for your larger goods. 

Easier Access To Goods

With a list of items inside your unit, it will be easier to access the items you need whenever you need them. It will not be difficult for you to identify if one of your items is indeed stored at a specific unit. This saves you the time and energy of looking for any item or belonging you need as you now have an inventory to check into. 

Better Flow Of Items

Having an inventory of your items will help you track the movement of your belongings. This is especially useful for business owners that utilize storage spaces for their warehousing needs, such as keeping supplies, stocks, and other business-related items, including documents, etc. 

More Productivity

Suppose you’re a business owner, not having to worry about your belongings inside your unit. In that case, it will allow you to focus instead on other aspects of your business, such as managing your customer deliveries and administrative work. Hence, you’ll become more productive and get things done faster.

How Do I Keep an Inventory?

Keeping tabs on your belongings in a storage unit is easy, but you also need to consider the things you keep inside it when creating an inventory. For instance, when you store an art collection, proper documentation is important. You should include photos of your art piece in your inventory, so you’ll have a basis for comparison when checking your item’s state. 

If you have shelves inside your storage unit, it’s recommended that you label each shelf so it will be easier to locate the items you need. Keep an index card on each shelf by tying it. This way, when you need to look for an item, it will be faster to skim through the index card rather than checking each shelf one by one. 

Finally, make sure to secure a copy of your inventory list for security. Ensure to make your list as detailed as possible and that proper documentation is in place-meaning the movement of your goods, including its in and outs, are recorded. 

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