Why Downsizing Is More Than A Lifestyle Change

Why Downsizing Is More Than A Lifestyle Change

There are several reasons why people choose to downsize. It could be because of unprecedented events that are beyond one’s control or a lifestyle choice. Often, downsizing is associated with minimalism. Having to downsize can also mean entering a new chapter in life. For instance, couples whose children have moved out may decide to downsize.

Living large seems to be something that everyone desires- an ideal dream. From owning large properties, an extensive collection of cars, to having an insane amount of belongings. Perhaps making it “big” literally means living grand. For a long time, a luxurious lifestyle seems to be something everyone is aiming for.  

It’s not until the early 90s that people have started to hear about minimalism as a lifestyle movement. Since then, several people have embraced the minimalist lifestyle- opting to have the essential, most fundamental belongings. This has led several others to downsize and get personal storage units, in the hopes of achieving the minimalist way of life. But there’s more to downsizing than a change in lifestyle. 

It Is An Emotional Experience

Deciding to downsize is not an easy choice. It involves letting go of some of your belongings. And this process of choosing what to keep, store in a storage unit,  and let go can be a very emotional experience. You may own items that hold a special memory or a sentimental value. However, not all emotional attachments to the things you own are necessarily positive ones-or in the words of Marie Kondo, “sparks joy”  It may not be an easy process, but you go through with it anyway- thinking you have a trusted storage unit to store the ones truly worth keeping. 

Downsizing Is Humbling 

Moving into a smaller, much simpler space is, without a doubt, a humbling experience. You get to appreciate the things you have at present and learn to care more about the ones you’ll have in the future. The downsizing process can make people contemplate the things they let in on their lives, especially in recognizing the ones that are truly worth keeping. Storage units become more relevant, more meaningful spaces to keep these things. 

Beyond Freeing Up Physical Clutter

Downsizing does not only help individuals free up physical clutter but the clutter of the mind as well.  We all know that being surrounded by clutter causes mental stress- an assault to the senses. Some individuals have chosen to downsize as a kind gesture to their mental health, often relying on self-storage units to keep their most important belongings, until they decide what to do with them. 

Personal Storage Units Can Help You With Downsizing

It may come as a surprise for some people. How do storage units- the very places you keep your surplus stuff- help you eliminate clutter and downsize? The thing with storage units is that they can serve several purposes. In moving from one place to another, storage units can assist you with your big move by providing temporary storage to keep your belongings. 

Similarly, these units provide the extra storage space to prevent you from compromising your comfort and needs when shifting to a smaller place. 

At the Box, we understand the importance of having a personal space to keep your most treasured possessions safely. Downsizing is a big decision to take, and we are here to support you every step of the way.