Why It Is Important To Label Your Boxes Before Moving Day

Why It Is Important To Label Your Boxes Before Moving Day

The doorbell rings, and you let in your movers from your storage facility to collect your belongings. It’s finally moving day! You see them carrying your boxes and placing them inside the collection truck. Everything seems to be on track. 

Your movers are on time, and collecting went smoothly as planned. You finally do a final sweep of your old home, going room by room, corner by corner, checking everything.  When you finally managed to go out, it eventually struck you- you forgot to label your boxes!

Most of us, at some point, have to move or relocate somewhere.  Although the process might be time-consuming and exhausting, you need to pack your belongings, and labeling them is equally important. 

What Happens When You Don’t Label?

When you neglect to label your moving boxes, it will be difficult to organize them once it reaches a new location. Unloading your belongings and arranging them in which room they belong to will be time-consuming when your boxes are bare. Having to open them one by one to check will be inconvenient too. 

These are only a few reasons why labeling your boxes is crucial to have a smooth and easier move.  With so many things to deal with, such as arranging your documents for utilities or updating your current address, properly labeling your boxes during the moving day will enable you to avoid disorganization and stress. 

What Is The Best Way To Label My Boxes?


Labeling your boxes should not be a herculean task, especially when you got all the things you need before packing your belongings. Our Box-ers recommend labeling your items right after you place them in the box and seal them- not the other way around. In this manner, you will avoid missing any other items that you put inside your moving box.  

Gather Your Materials

Before proceeding to label, it is essential to gather your materials first. Use vivid and dark markers for easy reading and identification. Make sure the markers you use are smudge-free and water-proof.

Color-Code Your Boxes

Color coding your boxes will make it much easier to categorize them.  You can designate a color for a particular area inside your new space to make unloading much easier. For instance, you can assign blue for your bedroom, green for the bathroom, and red for the kitchen. 

Add Remarks And Notes As Needed

If the items inside your box are fragile, make sure to label them accordingly so the movers can handle it with care, especially when transporting and loading. If you have any boxes that you plan to take yourself, such as important documents, you can label them with “do not move.” 

Handle Your Move Efficiently With Us

Whenever you are unsure how to handle a move, you can always reach out to our experts at The Box. Our professional team is also experienced in handling both large and small-scale moving. Our online box store is also available if you need packing materials such as bubble wraps and moving boxes.

We also have packages available wherein our move heroes can pack and label your boxes for you!  For more tips, you can check out our blog on avoiding clutter while moving.