Why It Matters: Storing Your Interior Design Supplies The Right Way

Why It Matters: Storing Your Interior Design Supplies The Right Way

Home improvement projects are a fun way of spending time indoors. D-I-Y interior designing has also become very popular. Through social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, several individuals are encouraged to take on interior design projects themselves. From quirky designs, retro art deco styles, biophilic-inspired interiors to modern and shabby chic schemes, people have different preferences when it comes to interior design. 

Of course, an interior design project entails the need to purchase designing supplies, including paint, fabric, wallpaper, furniture and other materials used to decorate a room. You often find yourself finishing up the final details of your interior design project only to realize you have plenty of wallpaper left, paint buckets that can still be used, extra meters fabric, etc. With no extra space at home, you struggle in deciding where to keep these supplies until your next home improvement project- come through storage units!

But just how do you properly store your interior design supplies so you can use them the next time, without compromising its quality? Let’s find out. 

The Deal With Paint Buckets And Brushes 

First of all, it is important to know that some storage facilities may not allow you to store high-flammable types of thinners and paints. That being said, storing them requires a temperature-controlled unit to begin with. 

Apart from knowing what you can and cannot store, it’s best if you can transfer your paint into clear bins with airtight lids. This will make your leftover paint last for at least two more years. Store them away from direct light since it can alter its color. Our experts advise on wrapping the head of your paint brushes with clear plastic wrap before sealing them using masking tape. Store them in a box together with your paint rollers. 

Storing Away Wallpapers 

Wallpapers come in a variety of types, such as textured wallpaper and fabric wallpapers. If you don’t know what to do with your extra wallpapers, storing them properly at a storage unit will ensure that it retains its quality until you decide what to do with them. 

Roll your wallpapers properly and store them inside a box container. It’s also a good idea to segregate your wallpapers per design or color. The key to storing them is by making sure that your storage is dry, well-ventilated and temperature-controlled. This keeps your wallpapers aways from damage. 

Other Design Materials And Tools 

Storage Units are ideal places to store your decorations for safe-keeping. Make sure to properly place them inside a box with a corresponding label. When you need stack boxes, remember to place the heavy, sturdier ones at the bottom and the lightweight and fragile items on top.

Keep an inventory of your items so you’d have an idea of what is stored inside your unit. Your tools and materials are important in the execution of projects, so taking good care of them is important, not to mention the amount of money you will save from purchasing new ones. 

A Storage Unit Is An Investment For Your Investment

If you’re an interior designer, having a storage unit dedicated to your work can become an investment. At times, when you work with clients, you get overwhelmed by the number of materials that arrive at your client’s home-more, so if it is a particularly challenging space to work on. Having a storage unit will enable you to be on top of your materials and other supplies by having a central receiving unit – something that The Box can offer. Visit us today to learn more about how we can help you with mini-warehousing.