Why Storage Is A Smart Solution For The ‘Collector’ In You

Why Storage Is A Smart Solution For The ‘Collector’ In You

Every collector has an endearing story to tell. And there are as many stories as there are reasons why people are driven to collect. From postcards, stamps, little angel figurines, paintings, books, you can be certain that someone, somewhere has a fair amount of collection at their disposal. Having said that, not everyone is fortunate enough to have enough room to display their collection with pride. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that they still keep collecting. 

It should be noted that collectors and hoarders are an ocean apart. Each piece of a collection is curated or carefully selected because of its value and uniqueness, not because a collector happened to come across it randomly or because they found it on the street (which is the case for hoarders).

What Drives People To Collect?

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Personal storage provides a solution to store collections. However, with so many types of storage to choose from, it’s important to identify what your needs are to fully benefit from personal storage. Before anything else though, let’s turn our attention towards what drives people to collect in the first place. 

The Hunt For Knowledge And Curiosity

Several people collect because of their thirst for knowledge and learning. There is a  feeling of exhilaration when they discover new topics and knowledge for the things they collect. For example, in the case of book collectors, they take pleasure in collecting rare books that are of valuable content, such as banned or subversive books during the world war and first-edition paperbacks of classics.

The Exhilarating Chase For The Rare

For some individuals, collecting is sort of like treasure hunting. For example, collecting antiquities is something that makes them happy and fulfilled – think Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, two fictional characters who happen to be archeologists that explore ruins around the world in search of rare and valuable antiquities. 

Love For Nostalgia

Some people collect items that remind them of the past and help them establish a connection with a certain era, such as their childhood. Psychology suggests that such collections help people cope with insecurity and the anxiety of losing an important aspect of themselves. It also helps them let the past coexist with the present peacefully.

Common Items That People Collect

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Essentially, people collect for two reasons – they are sentimental about the product or they’re aware that the value of the product will increase exponentially over time. However, parting with a collection can be tough. In such situations, resorting to storage spaces can come in handy, especially when selling them is not an option.

From china sets, abstract paintings, sculptures, and even antique pieces of furniture, the items that people collect come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, age, rarity, and monetary value. Let’s take a look at some of the popular and valuable collectibles that can be safely stored in a personal storage facility.

Comic Books

Comic books are very valuable, especially for avid collectors. Keeping them safe in storage will maintain their condition since the slightest damage can affect their value. 

Postage Stamps

When not displaying their stamp collection at art conventions, collectors can store them safely inside temperature-controlled storage units to maintain their condition.

Art Pieces

Climate-controlled storage units are perfect to store valuable art. These can include rare paintings, decals, sculptures, and portraits. 

Rare Toys

To preserve the quality of highly valuable and rare toys, collectors store them in personal storage units. 

Vintage Vehicles

Vintage vehicles are popular collections usually found in storage facilities that offer specialized care for them. Storage units are perfect for collectors looking to keep their prized possessions safe and secure. However, what exactly makes storage units a smart choice to keep collections? Let’s take a look.

Helps Keep Items Secure And In Mint Condition 

Keeping collectibles in pristine and mint condition is perhaps every collector’s priority. Having a storage unit in such cases will help maintain the quality of your belongings. Not everyone’s homes are equipped with climate-controlled rooms to store their collections. In such cases, storage units provide ease of access, safety, and security, all while ensuring the condition of your collection. They also provide 24-hour security that ensures your collection is safe at all times. This includes gated access and technology-assisted digital surveillance, such as CCTV cameras. 

Allows More Room For Collection

At times where you’re running out of space to store your items, storage units not only accommodate your present collection but also provide more space to expand your collection. This is especially helpful if you live in a smaller apartment or if you feel like your collection is taking over your personal space. Since storage units are convenient and flexible to use, you can curate and store your collections better. 


Storage units are investments that can benefit you in the long run especially if you’re planning for long term storage. With storage units, you only pay for the space you specifically need at a specific time. In fact, the best storage facilities offer flexible contracts with no commitment so you can manage your collections effectively. 

When you think about your collection, keep in mind that proper storage is crucial. It does not only prolong the quality of your collection but also its economical value over time. Whatever your collection is, we understand how important it is to you. So when renting out a storage unit, you need to ensure that it is safe, secure, and economical. 

If you’re looking for extra storage for your valuable collection, you can always visit us at The Box. Our team of storage experts is more than happy to show you around and help you figure the perfect storage space best suited to your needs.