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20 Best Organizing Tips For The Tidiest Homes

20 Best Organizing Tips For The Tidiest Homes

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Oct. 8, 2019


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Keeping a tidy home is not an easy feat, nor does it happen in a day. There are a lot of benefits to living in an organized and neat home compared to a house of clutter and chaos. A tidy home promotes a healthier living both physically and mentally. While a cluttered home is drowning and depressing. 

There are different ways to organize a cluttered home. It all starts with perseverance and commitment. Although it is difficult to let go of the things when we declutter, storage companies make it possible for us to safe-keep our favourite belongings, without compromising our living space.

Apart from that, here are some of the best organizing tips to keep your home tidy and organized.

1.    Utilize shower caddies to organize cleaning materials

Shower caddies aren’t just for the bathroom, it is also perfect to organize your cleaning materials stored under the sink. 

2.    Repurpose an old Magazine File

If you have old magazine files in your house they can be used to store items behind a cabinet door. Just place it behind the cabinet door to store cleaning materials or even liquid condiments in the pantry.

3.    Allocate a sorting station for your laundry

Having a sorting station for your laundry will help you in segregating clothes for your family members. You can use an old shelf to place laundry bins in and label it accordingly.

4.    Hide cabinets behind picture frames

This is a smart way of utilizing a picture frame. Use a picture frame instead of an ordinary cabinet door. This doubles up as a decoration as well.

5.    Segregate utensils with small trays

Ditch your old all-in-one tray for your utensils and opt for smaller, individual trays to store your spoons, forks, knives, etc. It will be more organized and makes it easier to move it around your kitchen whenever you feel like rearranging it.

6.    Fold your items upright (File Folding)

By folding upright, your items can easily be pulled out, this goes especially for your clothes inside drawers. Rather than stacking your shirt on top of each other, which makes it harder to pull it out without disarranging it.

7.    Store shoes under the bed

Use an old cabinet door, modify it and add wheels, or else purchase a rolling crate. This can be placed under the bed as a storage space not just for shoes but for other items as well, such as clothes, linen, pillows, etc. 

8.    Invest in drawer organizers

It is always a good idea to invest in drawer organizers. This will help you in segregating your items inside the drawer and keep it tidy throughout.

9.    Hang pots and pans

Hanging Pots and pans are practical and aesthetically pleasing. This will also help you save a lot of space in your cupboards.

10.    Make the most of the narrow spaces

 If there are a lot of narrow spaces in your kitchen, you can make the most of it by creating a moving pantry cabinet that can easily slip between these spaces. 

11.    Use clear canisters to store food items

When storing food items such as pasta, lentils or spices, make sure to use a clear canister with a proper label. When shopping for a container, a glass canister is an investment since it is hygienic and long-lasting.

12.    Repurpose small trays and bowls

Old small trays and bowls can be used to organize items inside your drawer. This will also save you money from spending drawer organizers.

13.    Hang a towel  bar above the sink

Towel bars are an all-around organizing tool. Placing a towel bar on your kitchen can help you hang measuring cups and other kitchen utensils such as ladles, whisk, etc. 

14.    Store vegetables in small bins

Create a small pantry drawer in your kitchen and place small bins to keep vegetables like onions, garlic, potatoes, etc. 

15.    Repurpose an old bookcase

An old bookcase can be repurposed to just about anything. One tip is to place it near your doorway to act as a shoe rack. You may also add hooks for your coats, scarves, hats, etc. 

I6.    implement a 1-in 1-out rule for your kids

Have your kids get used to organizing by practicing a 1-in 1-out rule. This means putting back an item on its storage before getting another one. This will teach to diligently put away their clutter.

17.    Double-up your hanger

One way to save closet space is to double-up your hanger. If you have a tab from a soda can, place it around the neck of your first hanger, then take your second hanger and insert it at the bottom hole of the soda tab- and voila! You have a double hanger. 

18.    Use shower curtain rings inside your closet

If you have a collection of scarves, use a shower curtain ring to organize it. Place a towel bar at the back of your closet door hang the curtain rings on the towel bar. 

19.    Keep a tray on your coffee table

Keep a tray on your coffee table to place your remote controls in and keep it from falling off or getting misplaced.

20.    Rent a Self-Storage

If you don’t have sufficient space to keep your belongings,  getting a self-storage is your best bet. You don’t have to worry about buying the items you love, storage companies like The Box will take that stress for you.  You can get anything you want in life. Just remember to rent a storage unit first. Drop by our office for a quick chat over coffee.