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July 5, 2017



Whatever your reason may be for looking for a storage facility — whether you’ve decided to take the minimalist approach for your home, or you just need to free your life of clutter — you need to make sure that you’re placing your belongings in a safe place.

Most cities already have a good selection of self storage services, but it’s important to note that they are not necessarily setup in an ideal manner. Some may have limited options when it comes to the sizes of the units. There are some that will be closer to your residence so you won’t need to travel far every time you need to retrieve something. There are also those that have way better self storage design than most so you’re automatically assured that all the possessions you need to put away will be kept safe and secure no matter what happens.

Good self storage design should be your main consideration when you’re looking for a storage facility to use. But what are the components of such design? The Box, a trusted storage facility and service provider in Dubai, rounds up the important components to look for:

1. Smart layout for easy access to the units

You want a facility that will make it very easy for you to bring in and take out your belongings because the units are strategically laid out. The facility must also provide moving equipment such as dollies and handtrucks for you to use. Moving items from your own vehicle or from a moving truck can be physically demanding, so you want a storage facility that can make the process less punishing for your body.

2. Various sizes of self storage units

These are necessary, especially if you have a vast assortment of items to store. It’s going to be more efficient and economical if the units are the perfect size for all of the items that you need to tuck away. Staying organized and keeping track of all items are bound to be more convenient as well if they’re all in just one unit.

3. Climate control features

You may have items that are temperature-sensitive (certain types of machinery, artwork, medical supplies, et cetera), so it will be to your advantage to find a storage facility that has units with climate control features. This way, your temperature-sensitive items can be properly preserved and, at the same time, you can keep all your stored belongings in just one location. Should you need to take this and that, you won’t have to travel to different facilities to get them.

4. Fire protection features

There are storage service providers that are fiercely committed to the full protection of the items entrusted to them for safekeeping. They demonstrate this by building units using fire-resistant materials or with fire protection systems. If you’re storing a lot of valuable items, you definitely want a facility designed to protect your items from a fire.

5. Security provisions

A high-security storage fortress will give you peace of mind. Everybody knows that storage facilities are often targeted by burglars, so it’s crucial to personally check out the security measures in place. See if all CCTV cameras are tactically placed and are working properly, the fences have not been tampered with, there are security guards who roam the facility 24/7, and there are multiple layers of other security features such as alarms and locks.

6. Proper lighting

It’s very important that the self storage space is well-lit so that you can move in or take out your possessions no matter the time of day. Also, when you’re carrying heavy items, you don’t want to stumble on things or get spooked easily because it’s dark and you cannot see where you’re going clearly.

7. Spacious hallways

When hallways are spacious, you won’t have to worry about whether or not certain items can be moved in or out. There are some storage facilities with hallways that are too narrow, forcing customers to make several trips from their moving truck to their unit in order to get all of their items in. Also, there’s always the risk of getting injured by or damaging bulky items that need to be stored because the pathways are simply too cramped for anybody to freely move around.

8. Wide driveways

It’s important for a storage facility to provide the required minimum vehicle turning radius. You want to be able to maneuver your truck comfortably so you can move your items around with ease. Additionally, try avoid cul-de-sacs as they cause traffic, especially when there are many other people coming in and out.

9. Additional amenities

Digital unit access, free WiFi, solar powered electricity – these are not musts, but they certainly contribute to the functional design of the facility. It’s always nice to get more use out of something that you’re paying for.

A self storage facility that provides a majority (if not all) of these components ranks high in trust and service quality ratings. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good storage facility, keep an eye out for these design elements.