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Got a cluttered home? Here are some ideas to help you!

Got a cluttered home? Here are some ideas to help you!

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June 21, 2018


Got a cluttered home? Here are some ideas to help you! Image

How to declutter your home

You look around your house and all you see if an ocean of things that really don’t need to be there.  Sure, you thought that movie collection you bought last year was interesting, or that little souvenir from your last vacation was memorable.  Let’s face it. You’re a packrat.  You know it, you admit it, and now it’s time to do something about it!

Where to begin?

First of all, we live in a digital world so do you see all that paper you keep saving? Time to get rid of it! If it’s something you need take a quick picture with your smartphone and save it forever in the internet cloud, use a document scanning app like Office Lens. You can always print out a copy later if you really need it. We live in a world where even airline tickets come in a mobile app. Sign up for paperless billing whenever possible and dump any paper you don’t really need.

Next, let’s look at those clothes. Yes, all of them…  You save those skinny or elephant jeans but it’s been stuck inside for years! What about the cold weather clothes you use for vacations? Do they really need to take up space in your closet when they only see the light of day once a year perhaps? Nope.

And what about all those shoes?  How many pairs of tennis shoes do you really need? Donate them if you really feel they could make a difference for someone else, or you can clean it up a bit and sell them online!

If you’ve made it this far and still don’t see a way out of your mountain of possessions, don’t give up hope. There is another solution for your keepsakes, irreplaceable vacation gear, and souvenir collection of shot glasses. Storage units give you your space back without having to lose anything, contact us at The Box!