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How to Declutter Your Home Before the Holidays

How to Declutter Your Home Before the Holidays

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Jan. 11, 2018


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The temperatures are falling and there is a crisp nip to the air. It’s time to start thinking of the holidays before your visitors arrive. Look around your home; if there are piles in your home it’s time to tackle them. Getting rid of the clutter in your home before the holidays is a simple five step process.

Make a Plan

The holidays are a busy time for everyone. It’s a time for social gatherings and events that fill your calendar. Look at how many rooms you need to work on then consider your schedule.

Expand the project over many days to avoid the added stress of a tight deadline. Choose a starting date that gives you enough time to finish at least one day before your guests arrive.

Write out your plan as a checklist. Keep the list up-to-date as you finish each part of your plan.

Ask for Help

You do not have to do all the work. Ask your family members for help. It is their home too! Ask young children to clean out their toy area. If they have parts, but the toys are in disrepair you can discard them. As you go through the toys, consider donating some of the toys they don’t play with anymore to charity.

Label as You Organize

Before you begin your organizing process, buy a label maker. Label each with the room it belongs to as well as the owner’s name.

Make Sure You Leave Enough Time to Get Through the Holiday Decorations

Organizing for the holidays means dealing with decorations. Make sure you leave a special amount of time for this aspect of the project. Gather everyone and go through the decorations together. Create a box of special memory pieces. Ask if there are certain pieces that an older child who is moving soon wants to take with them. Attempt to repair any broken pieces. If they are beyond repair throw them out!

When you store hooks or other sharp objects, use small boxes that the sharp items can’t break through. This avoids people getting hurt as you retrieve the decorations early. Label decorations by holiday and type.

Use Self-Storage to Your Advantage

While you are organizing your home, make a pile of things to store off site. Self-storage away from your house creates additional space for visitors. It also ensures items are clean and in one piece. Choose the proper storage unit size for the amount of items you have.