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How To Keep Your Office Efficiently Organized

How To Keep Your Office Efficiently Organized

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April 25, 2019


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Office spaces can get messy real fast!


While you might not feel like investing time on re-organizing your office, it’s the right way to go. So, let’s get you organized and back on track with your work. Rearranging and moving piles of paperwork will not only clear the clutter on your desk but will also help you focus better on the tasks at hand.


But where do you start? And where will you move all the important paperwork that keeps piling up in your office drawers? The Box found you the perfect solution to your problems. Follow our step by step guide to declutter and organize your office and move the important yet not-so-important paperwork to our self storage unit in Dubai.


Purge and cleanse


Take a deep breath and look around. Locate things that are very important and are in constant need, and keep them to one side. Now look for things that you haven’t used in a while and let’s work on them.


Declutter, empty and shred every bit of paper you don’t need so they’re not aimlessly lying around anymore. Gather items like extra supplies, equipment or even furniture and if you choose to keep them stored at The Box, our convenient 24/7 access won’t even have you missing them.  Now toss way things that are broken and are beyond repair.


Gather and rearrange


Identify each item and where it belongs. Make sure everything remaining serves a purpose and is in its rightful spot. So for example, if your paperwork belongs in the drawers, put it there. Don’t forget to label shelves, bins, drawers and boxes before you store them within the office or outside.


This will help you identify which is which when you need it. Now place the equipment and supplies that you use often within your reach.


Create Designated Zones


While there are different areas within your office that serve their own purpose, over time they tend to get mixed up. The first step to bringing an overall organization into your office is by designating activity zones within your office.


Place equipment like printers and fax machines towards one side of the room. Associated supplies like paper, staplers and paper clips can be kept alongside. This will help you remember where to look for these items when needed.


Revisit and revise the filing system


Do you still use a lot of paperwork? Or have you started storing them digitally? Chances are you’re using a combination of both. Start off by eliminating any duplicate files, and erase the ones that you don’t need anymore. You also want to make sure that files on your computer system are backed up.


Old paperwork that must be stored can be moved into your self storage space outside your office premises, keeping them safe and locked away without getting in your way. More importantly, this will clear space for your relevant documents.


Spruce up your workspace


Before you settle down in your seat, you should take some time to spruce up your desk. Take everything from your desk, clean it and then put it back in its place. Keep things that you need daily closer to you and others can be in your table drawer. Throw away all the unnecessary items like those broken staplers or old post-its.


Once your desk is clear, clean and organized it’s time to tackle your computer desktop! Organize all the necessary files and images and make sure they are all in the right folder. Delete drafts that you don’t need anymore. Clear up your system memory and do it every day to make your system fast and efficient.
Organizing your office is the first step to efficient working. Contact us at The Box to rent a self storage space for your office needs today!