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How To “KonMari” Your Way To A Personal Storage Facility

How To “KonMari” Your Way To A Personal Storage Facility

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Aug. 13, 2019


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As you are reading this, you may as well have realized the fact that you need to instill some organizing in your life. You have several items you feel like letting go. However, there are also things you have held on for so long and seem difficult to get rid of. 

Whether it is an old art decor from a friend or your massive book collection, getting personal storage in Dubai is one way of incorporating the KonMari method for an organized home without having to struggle with your feelings to decide which of your loved possessions matter enough to stay. 

The KonMari Method

Today  “KonMari” method has taken the decluttering and organizing world by storm. It is popularized by the Japanese organizing consultant and best-selling author Marie Kondo. 

This simple yet surprisingly effective method of decluttering and organizing was originally inspired by the Shinto Religion.

Shintoism regards cleaning and organizing as a spiritual practice that is concerned with the spirit or energy of things (Kami) and the correct way of living ( Kannagara).

Does it Spark Joy?

Choosing and segregating the things to put into your personal storage may seem such a daunting task. However, the KonMari method urges you to go through each of your belongings diligently while trying to remember the experiences you’ve had with them. You then ask yourself the simple question while holding the item,

 “Does it spark joy?” 


 There are plenty of things that can still spark joy but you’d rather have them safely stored away to occasionally visit. 

When doing this, it is important to take note of the following;

  • Envision your organizing goals
  • Commit to the process
  • Tidy things by category not by place ( Clothes- Books- Papers- etc.)
  • Decide which things to keep by assessing its functionality + sentimental value

It may be difficult to decide which items to keep at first. But as you gradually go through with the process, it becomes easier as you see clean, organized spaces appear,  and you begin to develop a clearer perspective to your organizing and lifestyle goal.

Utilize The Right Tools

In preparing to organize your belongings, you need the right tools to aid you in tidying efficiently

Make use of boxes to organize your drawer

  • Big clear boxes make sure you can see the small items you are storing
  • Slim, durable and light cloth hangers
  • Drawer organizers 

Still Can’t Let go?

People have often mistaken the KonMari Method to be the same as Minimalism.  However, this is not the case- Minimalism does not focus on things that spark joy, rather it is focused on having fewer things in general .  It does help people to cut back on their hoarding tendencies that may gravely affect their lifestyle.

There might be a point in your organizing where you realize, you have a lot of things that spark joy. This is very common.  Marie Kondo encourages you to keep these items and store them in an organized and easily- accessible area. Going to a Personal Storage facility is fast becoming a popular trend here in Dubai, as more and more people are beginning to embrace an organized and decluttered lifestyle.