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How To Move Your Home Like A Boss Even In The Last Minute

How To Move Your Home Like A Boss Even In The Last Minute

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April 3, 2019


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Once in a while, unexpected things happen and life throws you a curveball. Maybe you’ve got a new job or your landlord needs his apartment back so doesn’t renew the lease or your company has moved you to their new office overseas. Whatever the reason for moving, you’re certainly guaranteed to be stressed out, especially if you have no idea how to get things done in a matter of days!

At The Box, we understand that moving home is a stressful exercise and we’ve got some great tips to help you move your home like a boss at the last minute.
List It Out
Before you get down to business and start packing right away, assess your assets. As easy as it sounds, you will find that there are things which you no longer want or need, or which cannot be moved in the short span of time. So, make a list of things you want to pack, store, sell/donate and chuck into the trash. Undoubtedly, this list is going to be your saviour in the long run.

Prep & Be On Your Toes
The next step is to get your packing supplies. Boxes of different sizes are available in the market or you can order them online with early delivery options. Arm yourself with bubble wraps, tape and scissors before starting to work. Start early and be on your toes when you are working. While it is a big task, if you’re organised with your list and packing materials, it won’t be as hard as you think.

Move From Room To Room
This is perhaps the most useful tip when it comes to packing your things, whether it’s for self storage or for taking with you. Instead of pulling out everything into piles, pack one room at a time and then move to the next. Start with the bigger rooms as it will take more time to pack it. Moving to the smaller rooms can wait as it is good to have a lesser amount of stuff to pack towards the end of your process to keep your stress levels low.

Prioritise & Store
When you are met with a sudden move, most of the time you will not exactly have a place to move to. Now that you’ve decided what to keep, throw out/donate or sell, you need a place to store your things if you don’t have a new place to move to yet. The best solution is to utilize self storage units in Dubai to store your furniture, crockery, books and home decors you do not need every day. You can also use self storage to safe keep your things to sell, till you find your buyer. If you are moving out of the country, this will certainly buy you time to decide on your next step, whether it is to move them overseas or keep them back in self storage until you return.

Leave Clothes on Hangers
Although this may sound crazy, it is one of the most effective ways of keeping your clothes when you are moving within the city. Lay them flat in the trunk of your car or pack them inside trash bags with the hangers pointing out. Some folks are also known to have turned their self storage units into a walk in wardrobe, where they go every day on their way to work to change their outfit for the day. Seems like a pretty smart choice right?

Professional Movers & Packers
While this comes with a cost, professional movers and packers can help pack and move your stuff without much hassle. At The Box, we have our own professionals who can help move your things to the self storage units as well as to your new home when you find one. If you are really short of time, this is one wise investment you will not regret.

So there you have it, six super easy steps to move your home in the last minute. Drop us a call to learn more about our movers and self storage in Dubai.