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How To Pack in a Jiff For Last Minute Home Moving

How To Pack in a Jiff For Last Minute Home Moving

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July 17, 2019


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Moving homes is always a cause for a lot of excitement and commotion. The thrill of having a change of scenery from your bedroom window itself is one good reason to perk up. Although moving may be a happy occasion, packing is not! This is especially true if you have been staying at a place for years and have hoarded a lot of stuff. Apart from the clutter, you will also find that you have way more stuff than you originally thought you did- from the delicate china bowl that belonged to your grandmother to that wedding dress you wore just once in your entire life. And now, it is time to pack all of that and take it to your next home with the help of a moving company in Dubai.

And what if you have to move homes out of the blue? Like in the case of a job transfer to the neighbouring city or a sudden hike in rent. It’s quite normal to think that packing and moving in a jiff is out of the question. However, experts at our home moving company say that it is not as hard as you think it is. All you need to do is to keep calm, start from one end and keep your head together till the packing is done. Easy as pie! 

With the help of these tips from the experts at our home moving company in Dubai, you can move your home without any hassle.

Do the list

All the results you find when you search for ‘last-minute packing tips’ on Google will tell you to start planning your packing with a list. And you know what? That is exactly where you should start all the time!

Instead of going all hi-tech, jotting down your list on your smartphone, try writing down your plan on a piece of paper like good old times. Go to each room in your house, take a look at the things you need, things you can donate and things that are no longer useful. Write it all down in three columns before proceeding to the next room. While this may seem like quite a hassle, trust us when we say that this list is going to be your lifesaver in the next two days!

Get armed

Now that you have your list, it is time to get armed with the right supplies. Our moving company in Dubai can help you get the right supplies to pack everything from clothes to furniture. Find different sized boxes, strong duct tapes, foam sheets and a good marker to start with. Let’s learn how to use them the best way in the next point.

One room at a time

Packing away your home will look tough if you view it as a whole. On the other hand, try packing up things one room at a time. When packing, make sure to fill the bigger boxes with lighter stuff like pillows and blankets and smaller boxes with heavier things like books and crockery. Label each box with the room as well as it’s contents so that it’s easier for you to identify which is what once you move into your new home. Secure the boxes with ample amount of duct tape to avoid the contents from spilling during the move.

Play Russian dolls

Are you familiar with the Russian dolls? The smaller dolls fit snugly into the larger ones, effectively packing them into one small box. Apply the same principles to your things while packing before the experts from our moving company comes to your doorstep. Wrap crockery in your kitchen towels, blankets around other delicate objects and such so that while keeping your fragile items protected, your clothes are also transported. Fill in your drawers and wardrobes and tape them securely with duct tape. Make sure to label everything correctly to avoid all sorts of confusion.

Say the goodbyes

Moving homes is also a great time to say goodbye to old, broken and unwanted things at home. Usable things like that coffee machine you never used can be sold or donated, while old clothes, broken plates and other useless stuff should be thrown away. 

So pack your bags and boxes and get ready to leave your old place before the team from our moving company in Dubai reach your doorstep. So that’s about it folks. Happy packing and moving!