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It’s International Declutter Day! 10 Commandments To A Clutter-Free Lifestyle

It’s International Declutter Day! 10 Commandments To A Clutter-Free Lifestyle

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Sept. 21, 2019


It’s International Declutter Day! 10 Commandments To A Clutter-Free Lifestyle Image

Decluttering, organizing and cleaning up is perhaps often associated with Spring, hence the term Spring-cleaning. It is supposed to be a symbol of ushering in a renewed life, like the plants and trees during Spring. However, International Declutter Day is celebrated every September, the middle of the year, to remind us that decluttering and sprucing up our living space should be a part of our life, no matter what time of the year it is.

Unbeknownst to some, International Declutter Day has been celebrated every September for the past 4 years. Author and declutter therapist Breda Stack, originally conceived the idea in 2011-which was still recognized as a national event celebrated in America until it went International in 2015. 

Since then, people who have embraced an organized lifestyle have been participating in this international event. Unsurprisingly, storage facilities all over the world are active participants in this celebration. 

For this year, it is celebrated today, September 21, 2019. You can join in the celebration by; 1st- decluttering to feel good and 2nd- donating, giving, reusing and recycling. The aim is to not only to declutter but to make it sustainable through recycling to feel even better by doing your part for a greener tomorrow. 

In keeping up with this year’s International Declutter Day, we bring you 10 commandments to a clutter-free lifestyle, and how storage facilities in Dubai could be just what you need for a stress-free celebration.


Separate Needs from Wants

A sustainable and decluttered lifestyle will mean living within one’s means. Avoid impulsive purchases just because something is on sale or free- be intentional of the things you buy, be a smart consumer. There will always be moments wherein a purchase is worth the bargain; consider this an investment. You shouldn’t be worried about getting storage especially if you live in a small apartment. Storage facilities will be your best option in storing your beloved items without compromising in your living small apartment. Many Storage companies including The Box have great Silly September deals where you could find a storage unit for half its price.


Make Donating an Integral Part of Life

In the spirit of this year’s International Decluttering Day,  remind yourself the value of gratitude and social conscience through sharing the things that you are fortunate to have. Go through the things at home and in your self storage unit and make it a point to donate anything that you don’t want or need anymore.

Designate a Specific Place for Everything

Whether you’re organizing a new apartment or sprucing up your current one, make sure to designate a specific place when putting away clutter. A smart way of doing this is storing things at places where you use them, especially for things that tend to accumulate and eventually become clutter. For seasonal items like Christmas decorations, storage facilities can be the best place to store them until you need them for the next season.

Look after Your Clutter

Make a habit of putting things back immediately after using it to maintain a clutter-free space. Sometimes there’s just no magic pills or secrets, the simplest way to maintain this is to just do it. By constantly practicing this, you’ll ultimately pick up the habit of looking after your clutter.

Consider a Paperless Living

You may not realize how fast papers pile up into clutter. While it is important to keep your documents and legal papers for safekeeping, consider minimizing your use of paper. There are a lot of apps available for keeping your records and scanning important documents. Going digital not only will help you eliminate clutter but also make it safer and easier to access your documents. 

 Life is about experiences not material possessions

One secret to a clutter-free lifestyle is to be content and appreciate what you are having in the present. 

Every day, we see ads in the media persuading us to buy the latest of everything. Some people are even  prone to buying stuff that are unnecessary and don’t end up using; eventually, these things pile up and become clutter. As a consumer, you have to realize that life is about experiences and material things don’t always bring happiness. 

But it doesn’t necessarily mean to stop buying things you love as a  reward for yourself. For instance, if not having enough space at your home  is holding you back from buying things for a collection, there are plenty of storage companies that can help you out 


Take It Easy and Don’t Stop Trying

No one is perfect, but at least we can be practical. Let’s face it, there will be days wherein we aren’t in the mood to organize and declutter, especially after a stressful day. Take it easy, and once you’ve collected yourself, don’t stop trying.

Don’t Go Overboard Organizing

Several people tend to go overboard with their organizing paraphernalia. It may come as ironic but having way too many boxes for organizing can become clutter itself.

Plan your Tidying Schedule

Plan things ahead. To maintain a clutter-free lifestyle, make a schedule when to get your broom and vacuum going. It could be once a week or even thrice a month. If you’re committed enough, you can even spare time once a day to arrange your belongings little by little. 

Have a trusted Storage Facility

Finally, having your own self storage unit can go a long way in maintaining a decluttered lifestyle. There are things that we just can’t let go, storage facilities are safe places to keep these items until you’ve decided what to do with it.

If you’re living in a busy place like the UAE, we have the best storage facilities in Dubai to accommodate your storage needs. Our friendly staff and reliable experts are always available to lend a helping hand, all you need to do is call 800 THEBOX.

Have a Happy International Declutter Day! From your family at The Box.