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Moving And Storage Tips For College Students: 4 Hacks That Helps

Moving And Storage Tips For College Students: 4 Hacks That Helps

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June 20, 2019


Moving And Storage Tips For College Students: 4 Hacks That Helps Image

Dubai is a city bustling with inhabitants from all over the world, and students flock to this town to attend school and university. These students frequently change their accommodation and most of the time find it difficult to move and store their belongings. They will have items ranging from a mini fridge and TV to furniture and clothes. Here are some tips for students to follow so that their relocation becomes easy and comfortable:

Electronics need to be stored carefully

One thing that most students have in excess are electronic gadgets. It is essential to remember that these items must be stored at the proper temperature and away from water. Since the Dubai summers can be extremely harsh, a temperature controlled mini warehouse would be the ideal storage option for the student’s electronic items. It is also a good practice to disconnect these electronic gadgets from internal power sources. If the electronic device runs entirely on a battery, then it is better to remove the battery and place it separately for safekeeping. This is due to the fact that batteries might leak while being moved or in hot weather.

Keep your documents safe

Another important thing to consider for a student when they move are the bulk of their books and documents. This can include certificates and work or study material which are of high priority and should be taken care of extremely well. The mixture of glue and paper can also cause small bugs to eat away at the expensive textbooks which students are known to have. Since Dubai has a high level of humidity, it is a good idea to use the silica gel packets to absorb moisture around documents and important papers. All a student needs to do is place these packets near with textbooks when they pack them away.

Wrap all your furniture

Almost all students have a lot of furniture from couches and mattresses to bean bags. When you decide to store your furniture at a storage and moving company in Dubai, make sure it is wrapped in a protective cover. It is best to use thick covering materials to wrap furniture to avoid getting any scratches on the furniture and other items. Another benefit of wrapping the furniture is that it will not be subjected to temperature fluctuations and humidity.

Keep this in mind while moving a fridge or microwave

A college student’s life revolves around reheated food, so the fridge and microwave are their constant companion. If someone plans to store a fridge, always remember to defrost it, as otherwise, the melted water might cause the fridge to malfunction. Also, when reconnecting the microwave or fridge after you have moved it, wait an hour before switching it on. This protects the appliances from sudden voltage surges.

Sometimes, when students move from one room to the other, there may be a period of a couple of weeks or a few months where they need to store their items. There are many storage options available in the city, but they all require a minimum rental period of one year. The Box offers premium short-term self storage options which are perfect for college-going students. With the availability of easy payment options and weekly or monthly contracts, our mini-warehousing options are the right fit for students in Dubai.