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Pack Like A Pro: Packing Hacks For Your Self Storage

Pack Like A Pro: Packing Hacks For Your Self Storage

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Sept. 8, 2019


Pack Like A Pro: Packing Hacks For Your Self Storage Image

Whether you’re freeing up space for your home, or planning to store your collectibles in a safe place; after renting a personal storage unit, the next step is to get ready for shifting your belongings to the storage company of your choice. 

If you’re living in a busy place like the UAE, here is how you can prepare to move your things to a storage company in Dubai.

Create a Checklist and Inventory

To pack like a pro, you’d need the right kind of packing materials.Prepare a checklist for the packing supplies you will need. Having a list prepared ahead will get you organized and help you use your time efficiently. It will also keep you from spending on unnecessary items. Checklists are a pro packer’s best friend. 

Keep tabs on the things you’ll be storing. List each item on your checklist. You’ll need that information when ensuring each of your items is in its place. Categorize your items when you list it. You can do it either by function or by room. Make sure to do the same while labeling your storage boxes. Using a labeling system will help you in this process. 


Utilize Unused Bed Linens/Clothes/Fabric for Reinforcement

While acid-free paper and bubble wrap are great ways of protecting your delicate items, you can recycle old fabric to be used as padding and reinforcement when storing fragile items inside the boxes. When keeping items in boxes, make enough room for the bubble wrap or fabric that you’ll be using. 

Using unused bed linens, clothes, or fabric for reinforcement would not only prevent you from spending  extra money on buying bubble wrap, but it’s also perfect if you’re thinking of storing these items anyway.  

Place Lighter Items in Bigger Boxes and Heavy Items in Smaller ones

For efficient mobility of your items, store heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger ones. Try to keep your boxes at least 40lbs or less. Never overstuff your boxes to the point where it loses its shape or bulge at the top and sides.   

When placing the label on your boxes, place it on the sides and not on the top, so you can read it clearly once it’s stacked. 

Several storage companies offer boxes of different sizes for you to choose from. Only purchase the box size that’s right for you and keep the dimensions of your self storage unit in mind while making your choice so that you can stack them in perfectly.


Use Vacuum Sealing For Clothes and Other Fabric

Clothes and Fabrics take up a lot of space when storing them. Vacuum seal bags are useful especially if you’re planning to store your belongings for long-term. Not only does it provide more room for storage, but it also protects your items from damage. 


Keep these tips in mind to pack like a pro, and breeze through not just optimizing your self storage unit but while moving as well.

If you don’t have the luxury of time to gather your packing supplies,our storage company in Dubai , The Box, can not only assist you in transporting your belongings to your self storage but can also provide you with the materials you need for packing. Order online at The Box Shop or get our ‘Two guys and a truck’ service to handle all your moving and packing for you.