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Stow it: Tips on being clutter free

Stow it: Tips on being clutter free

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Jan. 24, 2018


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Life is busy. There are times that homes can seem more like rest stops than living spaces. Things can get piled up and it’s easy to fall behind during the hustle and bustle of each day. But for those occasions when you do have time to relax and enjoy your home, few things are as frustrating as dealing with the clutter. Whether preparing for company or catching up, nobody wants to spend their whole day trying to manage the mess.

Here are a few tips on keeping up with the clutter on a daily basis to make leisure time more… leisurely.

The first step to clutter management is to institute a usage rule. If an item isn’t used in more than a week, it may be time to consider whether that item needs to stay in the house, or if it can be moved to storage. Limiting the objects around the home to those that are used regularly can reduce the number of items that need to be organized.

Next, designate a place for everything and try to get into the habit of returning each item to that place when not in use. Sometimes things can end up traveling from pile to pile without ever really having a home. This is a fast track to clutter and should be avoided. As an added bonus, by putting things back in their place each time, it is much easier to find them when needed.

Finally, utilize shelving and storage containers to maximize space efficiency. A neat and organized room is much easier to maintain than a space with a covered floor. Frequently used items like clothing and toys can be major problem points for clutter when not managed properly. Containers like bins and baskets help to keep a lid on those piles.

Ultimately, the key to decluttering your home is to form a habit of practices like these. Take back your home from clutter and enjoy your relaxation time!