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Tell Me More About The Storage and Moving Services The Box Offers

Tell Me More About The Storage and Moving Services The Box Offers

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April 19, 2018


Tell Me More About The Storage and Moving Services The Box Offers Image

Home items that can go into storage

If you are looking to make a move or are considering leaving the country for a significant period of time, The Box is the ideal place to store items that you will want readily on hand once you are settled in your new place or return to Dubai. We not only provide access to a variety of sizes of storage facilities but can assist you with the packing and moving your items.

Tell Me More About the Size of the Lockers

Understanding from a visual perspective what can fit in a locker is very important. To do this, we recommend you take a look at our video describing the types of items that fit in each storage unit.

Our smallest unit is 4ftx4ft and is best for storing smaller items like luggage filled with clothing and boxes of home goods. The next size unit is 25 sq. ft and can fit the average amount of a bedroom of furniture. The 50 sq. ft. room would be ideal for storing as much as a one bedroom apartment. The 100 sq. ft. unit can hold as much as a three bedroom apartment. It is about the size of a garage. You may also want to consider storing your auto there while you are out of the country if you are renting out your property. A 300 sq. ft. unit can store the contents of a 4-5 bedroom home.

Can You Help Me Move?

Absolutely. This is one of the best features about storing your items in The Box. We can either help you move your items in and out of storage as needed or if you don’t plan to return to your residence, we can have a team to your home to do a survey and provide a quote about moving your items elsewhere. If you are looking to leave the country and your final destination is within the UAE, Doha, Qatar or Beirut, Lebanon, we can help move your items to these locations.

Our team looks forward to assisting you. Whether you just need to store your items temporarily or you are making a permanent move, we are here to help you every step of the way!