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The 4 Reasons A Small Business Must Utilize a Storage Company

The 4 Reasons A Small Business Must Utilize a Storage Company

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Sept. 13, 2017


The 4 Reasons A Small Business Must Utilize a Storage Company Image

Growing Pains Don’t Have To Hurt

It’s not just the average person who is served well by using a storage company. As businesses expand and grow, free room becomes an issue. A decision needs to be made. By utilizing the assets of a storage company, a business will gain without unnecessary pain. Here’s 4 simple reasons:

No Long-Term Contract

Many businesses begin operations in the home. As that business grows, there is a choice of: A. a crowded, cluttered work area in the home, B. signing a lease for warehouse space, or C. a month-to-month self-storage solution. The wisest choice? C. Renting warehouse space usually involves a year-long lease if our credit/references are deemed trustworthy. Self-storage, conversely, is easy and immediate.

Bulk Storage! (What’s That?)

Some storage companies offer you the option of only renting the space you need. You only pay for storage by the square foot. This is extremely useful for businesses that contain their inventory on pallets, for example.

Safety, Security, Surveillance 

You can sleep easy knowing that a top-rate self-storage company is not only a locked facility, but an access card is required for entry! The access card in your hand that you’ll use to gain entry.

Not only that safety is provided, but a first-class storage facility uses closed-circuit TV system (CCTV) to monitor the site 24 hours a day for added security.

Scaling Up? You Won’t Have To Go Far!

As your business grows, you’ll need more room for increasing inventory. By already utilizing a storage company, your search for more storage is done! You can easily upgrade to a larger area, or occupy an additional unit.