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Top 5 Self Storage Mistakes You Should Avoid

Top 5 Self Storage Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Sept. 1, 2019


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One of the biggest problems with living in a small apartment is storage space, especially when you have several things you want to keep. In countries like the UAE, where according to the World Bank, 80 percent are expats, affordable living may sometimes mean compromising on living space. This is the reason why many residents, opt for a self storage in Dubai to keep their belongings safe for any period they may require so.  

Below are the 5 common mistakes you should avoid when storing your items in self storage.

1. Forgetting to Prepare

To avoid self storage fails, you should always remember to prepare and plan ahead. Often, when you decide to go for self storage, you pack in a rush, especially when you have a busy schedule. It may seem like a daunting task but taking the extra time to plan and arrange your belongings for self storage will save you more time than you expect and will benefit your items in the long run. Preparation is key to any task we undertake, and self storage is not an exception. 

2. Using Newspapers to Wrap fragile items

It may be tempting to reuse old newspapers in wrapping your fragile items for storage, but it also means risking your items for any damage. Newspaper ink runs over time and may stain and ruin your items and it doesn’t provide any cushion when transporting your belongings for storage.

Instead of using newspapers, choose to opt for bubble wraps. Items that need extra care in handling such as porcelain, artwork, glassware, and mirrors; benefit from extra cushioning and protection provided by the bubble wrap while transporting and especially while moving them  for self storage. 

3. Neglecting To Consider Pallets

Storing items directly on the floor, especially appliances and big furniture can cause damage. Keep these items off the floor by using  either a wooden or plastic pallet. Make sure to leave some space from the wall as well. The space for air to circulate your storage unit properly is important to keep your items dry and moisture-free.


4. Failing To Label Your Boxes 

After leaving your belongings for some time in your self storage unit, you may be able to forget which items are stored in specific boxes. To save time and effort later, don’t forget to label your storage boxes properly to access your items easily when you need it in the future. 

Categorize your items per function when storing it in boxes. This way, it is convenient to label and organize it inside your self storage unit.  


5. Failing to Declare the Approximate Value of your items

This is as vital detail that a lot of people skip or forget to update on their storage contracts. Often times, people fail to update their storage company once they have added high-value items to their self storage units. This is an essential step to ensure yourself that your items are safely insured in all ways for the future “God forbid” scenarios, even if at all they were to happen.

Need more tips on how to insure the best care for your items in a self storage in Dubai? Come over to The Box and meet our trusted storage advisers for a coffee.