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Tricks To Packing And Moving With Ease

Tricks To Packing And Moving With Ease

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Sept. 26, 2019


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People change residences for many reasons. It may be concerning work, family or simply finding a better and more affordable housing. In places like the UAE where most people are expatriates, moving between different apartments is fairly common. The only thing that’s constant in this world is change, and that’s especially true,  if you’re living in Dubai. Due to the influx of people in the city everyday, real estate developers have come up with several new housing options that are modern and stylish yet affordable. This is leading to many existing residents relocating as well.

Moving Boxes -the thing that comes to mind at the very mention of packing and moving. While it’s easy to get a hold of boxes at your local grocery and nearby shops, actual sturdy and heavy-duty boxes designed for moving are not easily accessible at your local store, if it is, chances are it may be more expensive than it should be. 

The idea of packing and moving may seem overwhelming, especially if you have several belongings. These tips will help you pack smart and move with ease.  


Have The Right Mindset

Before going through the process of packing and moving, remember to be mentally and physically prepared. Having to move from one place to another is not an easy task. 

Don’t ever procrastinate. Last-minute packing is probably the last thing you want to happen. Start when you have sorted everything out and don’t wait for another time. Getting started can be difficult, but  the trick, as with many other things, is to start with the small tasks to help you get into it until it becomes easier. Start with the little things like toiletries and work your way up.

The important thing is to maintain your  calm by pacing yourself steadily- take those small tea & cookie breaks in between. This way, you will not be overwhelmed when you get into the process and a calm mind will open up several new ideas for you new place, making the overall process more fun and fulfilling.


Have Sufficient Storage

Self moving boxes can also be purchased as a package. Moving companies in Dubai offer different kinds of promotion including self moving boxes as part of a package scheme. This way, you can save on time buying your packing materials separately.

Aside from moving boxes, you can also utilize clear plastic bins and containers when packing small items. This will make it easier to access and retrieve later on. Ensure that you have enough boxes to store your items. 

A common practice that help people use their packaging efficiently is good planning. Create a checklist and an inventory before packing and use it when you move out. Keep track of all your items by using your list.

While most of your belongings may fit in moving boxes, important papers, heirlooms, and legal documents should be segregated and stored separately. These items should not be packed with the rest of your belongings. Fortunately, our movers pack documents in separate document boxes and take great care of them.  

Apply Labeling Methods

Properly labeling your boxes can not only benefit you but your movers as well. Take the time to go through each of your moving boxes and label it with the following information,

  • Room Name- Kitchen, Receiving area, Bedroom A, etc.
  • General Description of its contents – toiletries, utensils, plates, etc.

Apply a color scheme to distinguish each boxes meant for each room in your new place. Although this might seem tedious, you’ll be pleased at the end after seeing how much time and hassle it helps avoid. Your future self will be very grateful while unpacking.

If you’re storing fragile items, make sure to label it accordingly. Sparing extra time to do this will make your moving efficient.

Choose a Trusted Mover

Several people opt for a moving service to help them in transporting their belongings from one place to another. Doing your homework to seek out a reputable and trustworthy moving company will save you a lot of time and effort when moving. 

Ask around, compare moving companies, search for reviews and feedback, and most importantly talk to them, get to know your service provider.  Here at The Box, we encourage all our customers to come in for a coffee, meet the team and have a look at our facilities to get a feel of how we do things and help build trust to let us handle your valuables.

Whether it’s moving boxes you require or temporary storage for your belongings, our friendly team at The Box can offer consultations and find the best  solutions for your moving needs. Don’t hesitate to approach us! Drop by for coffee, or dial 800 THEBOX