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July 13, 2017



It’s Summer! What better time to make a fresh start by decluttering your home? Making the decision to store or sell your goods may seem like a daunting task, especially when you just might need them. This is a common misconception, but The Box is here to make this process easy. Here are a few suggestions when making the effort to store versus sell your “coveted” possessions.

Reasons to store:

  1. Important documents- Though the typical time period for storing important documents is 3-7 years, your at-home filing system is already overcrowded. Don’t fret! Just pack up your crates and boxes and put them into storage.
  2. Belongs to the kids- This one can be tricky. So, this storage tip comes with a caveat. This type of storage should only be temporary. Inform your kids that have gone to University that you will keep his or her belongings only until school is complete, and a permanent living arrangement, (other than your address) is secured.
  3. Moving- This too may be a temporary situation. If you’re downsizing, there is one major dilemma. Space is at a premium, and there isn’t enough for all your things. Don’t sweat it! Placing those additional items in storage will buy you some time to sort out what to keep, sell, or give away.

Reasons to sell

  1. Clutter- Whether you’ve recently made the choice to work for yourself or have a new hobby, the fight for space is on. If you’re a photographer with massive amounts of superfluous equipment or have decided to turn the kid’s play area into a sewing room, your newly designated work space is resembling more of a storage room than an office. It’s time to shed those items that no longer fit into your new lifestyle.
  2. Development of a long-term plan- Are you still holding on to items, hoping that they will come back in style? Are you saving a closet full of clothes with the goal that you might fit them again? Is that rocking horse in the attic gathering dust, because one day your eight-year-old will pass it on to her child? Here’s a good rule of thumb for selling, storing, or discarding goods. If you must develop a plan for the item’s use, more than likely, it’s not needed.
  3. No longer fits lifestyle- Whether it was a cooking phase or new year’s resolution that only lasted until February, somehow you’ve acquired equipment that you no longer need. This type of equipment can be expensive; might as well recoup part of your investment.
  4. Remains in the undecided pile- You’ve put in the work. The goods have now been designated as keep, sell, discard, and undecided. However, after three passes, there are still items in the undecided pile. You’ve guessed it, it’s time to sell or rid yourself of it.