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June 29, 2017



We all have collectible items that we think we can get money for. There are china dolls still in the box, basketball cards, and a hundred other things that people will cheerfully pay to collect. It’s tempting to start hawking those items right away, but that isn’t always the best move. Selling them at the wrong time can leave you feeling cheated if you’re not careful. Here is what you should consider what to do with them.

Selling Would Actually Cost More Than You Could Recoup

There are costs associated with selling, especially collectibles. There is the cost of shipping and advertising. Do your homework to see what you items could actually net you, and if this would be more than what you are spending to move it. If you can’t get anything out of it, you should store it for a later date when you can find a cheaper way to sell or it appreciates in value.

You Need To Complete The Set To Have The Item Be Actually Valuable

There are some things that are basically worthless if it doesn’t come with the rest of the set. Action figure dolls and some pieces of art come to mind. If you are serious about selling collectibles, you will want to store the items you do have in a thief-proof, climate-controlled storage space to keep them pristine while you hunt for the missing pieces.

It’s Got Sentimental Value

Even if it is valuable monetarily, it might be more valuable as a keepsake. If your children want it or if it brings happy memories, storing it might be best. You can’t put a price on joy or knowing that you have something really special to pass on.

It is important to take good care of anything you plan on selling, so don’t just throw your collectibles in a closet in your house. Make sure that they are warehoused properly and can be brought out later when you can truly profit.