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When to store your household items

When to store your household items

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Oct. 18, 2018


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When to store vs. sell

You as a homeowner might have a number of reasons to store some or all of your possessions, especially bulky furniture. The reasons can often depend on changing life circumstances.

Storing old stuff while redecorating.

Sometimes, especially when you have enough income, you will want to redecorate your home, acquire new furniture and other household items that better suit your new lifestyle. So what should you do with your old furniture? Clearly, a storage facility is an excellent option for moving all of your old furnishings to make room for the new. You’ll have a centralized and secure place for storing all that furniture while you think of ways to dispose of at your leisure.

Storing items while selling your home

You might also want to store your furniture and other items while you move into your new home. Suppose you are selling your old home and have not yet closed on the new one, most buyers like to see a house that is not cluttered with the former owner’s belongings. An empty, cleaned house is more attractive and is likely to sell faster than one that looks like someone still lives in it. A storage unit is also useful if you are moving to downsize after your children have grown and moved out. Even though you will have less house to have stuff in, you may not be ready to let go of some of it yet.

Storing your things while living abroad

If you rent rather than own your home and your company sends you to work overseas, it makes no sense to continue renting your current home or apartment while you live thousands of miles away. The best option would be to move most of your furniture to a storage facility for safe keeping. When you return, the stored items will be available at your convenience.