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3 Life Hacks For Decluttering Your Home

3 Life Hacks For Decluttering Your Home

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Sept. 6, 2017


3 Life Hacks For Decluttering Your Home Image

You never really notice how much stuff you have until you try to put it all away. If you’re on the verge of pulling out your hair, or just throwing everything you own in the garbage, don’t despair. Take a deep breath, and check out these three tips. They might be just what you need to find a shortcut to getting organized.

Hack #1: Curtain Rods and Trash Bag Rolls

How many times have you tried to get your trash bag rolls out from under the sink, and had to spend five minutes pulling out a dozen cleaning bottles before you found the box? Well, make life easier, and more organized, by hanging your rolls inside a cabinet. All it takes is two stick-on hooks, and a curtain rod. Stick the hooks inside a cabinet, push the rod through the center of the bag roll, and viola! You now have a simple trash bag dispenser at a moment’s notice.

Hack #2: Use Your Vertical Space

Most of us leave stuff on the floor, or we put it in drawers, but there’s so much additional storage room in our homes. If you’re willing to use your walls, that is.

For example, glue a magnetic strip to the inside of your medicine cabinet, or along the wall over the sink. Now attach all your metal grooming tools to it; nail clippers, eyelash curlers, grooming scissors, etc. Now all those items are out of the way, and easily accessible. If you’ve got remotes and game controllers all over the place, put some Velcro on the side of your entertainment centre, and a strip along the devices. Now you can stick them up out of the way when they’re not in use. If you have a messy garage, put some pegboards on the walls, and hang up the tools, baskets, and other ground-dwelling items so there’s more floor and less stuff.

Hack #3: Use The Back of Your Doors

The interior of your doors is a massively overlooked storage resource. Whether you get an over-the-door coat rack, or a hanging shoe rack, you can store all kinds of stuff off the floor. Not just clothes, either. For example, a “shoe rack” in your pantry can be used to hold individual canned goods, spices, or your favourite snacks, which allows you to find them without any trouble. Hooks on the back of a door can be used to hang baskets on, as well, letting you store everything from bills that need to get mailed, to organizing your socks by colour if you want.