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3 Tips For Packing For Long-Term Storage

3 Tips For Packing For Long-Term Storage

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July 12, 2018


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Home items that can go into storage

Long-term storage is a great idea for anyone planning on heading overseas for a work assignment. Long-term storage allows you to pack up anything from your furniture to your wall art, clothing to kitchenware. As you start to prepare for the long-term storage move, here are few packing tips you may want to consider.

Map it out before you move. Once you know what size unit you will be renting, make a plan. You can measure out your furniture first to determine how you want to place your items. Think of it like a puzzle. Putting the large items in first allows you to utilize space on top of cabinets and shelves almost creating more space for storing items.

Move the largest items first. Moving the large items first serves a few purposes. The first reason is to get an idea of how much space you are utilizing. By moving the large items, you can get an idea of how much space you will need overall. If you need a larger unit, better to know early when you have moved a few beds and sofa than after you have moved a large number of small boxes. The second reason is that it is easier to position the larger items first. It is easier to move in large furniture without having to make your way around smaller boxes.

Clean before you store. This may sound like the opposite of what you want to do but making sure that the items like the refrigerator or freezer are free of food and defrosted, keep the space clear of bugs and odors. Washing clothes ensures that any stains don’t spend two years setting in while you are away.

Providing forethought before you move will help you save time and energy. No one wants to do the same job twice so before you move remember to map it out, plan to move the largest items first and clean before you go.