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3 Ways Renting Storage Can Boost Your Small Business

3 Ways Renting Storage Can Boost Your Small Business

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July 20, 2017

Business Storage

3 Ways Renting Storage Can Boost Your Small Business Image

Small Business can utilize storage companies

In the internet age, a small business no longer needs a spacious office or warehouse to spin up successfully. Professional meetings are more easily held over Skype than in person and modern shipping has long since outdated the need for a shipping center. This means it’s often very efficient to keep operations in the home or a small private office. However, if you like many businesses are selling a physical product, the question of convenient medium-scale storage can become an issue.

  1. Getting Out of the Garage
    When you’re starting up, you store unshipped product and supplies wherever there’s room. Unfortunately, setting this precedent can risk near permanent clutter of your garage, closets, and spare rooms. By professionally storing your inventory and production resources, you can clear out that space for other important purposes like new offices or vehicles.
  2. Centralized Storage and Shipping
    When everything is all stored in one place, they are easy to count, inventory, verify, and access. Losses due to shrinkage and damage can be identified quickly, as everything can be accounted for and checked at once. Shipping also becomes more simple when every item in an order is organized and stored together.
  3. Room to Grow
    Your cupboards don’t get bigger when your business grows, but rented storage can! You can safely start small, saving money with the most efficient unit size for your needs then upgrade as your business grows, needing only to move your items down the hall. If you don’t feel like moving, ask to rent a second unit nearby. Your storage provider will surely not mind.

You don’t have to rent a whole warehouse to get efficient, centralized storage space for your small business. Renting a storage unit is a great way to clear boxes out of your office and garage while centralizing production, shipping, and inventory procedures.