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5 Items You Don’t Need Cluttering Your Home

5 Items You Don’t Need Cluttering Your Home

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May 17, 2018


5 Items You Don’t Need Cluttering Your Home Image

Home items that can go into storage

Let’s admit it, we’re all pack rats. Over time we all tend to accumulate a lot of things that end up cluttering our homes and making our space appear smaller and smaller. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already lost the battle between a spacious home and your numerous things. Fear not! We have some advice to help you declutter. It’s time to move them to storage!

Here are 5 items you don’t need cluttering your home:

  1. Kid’s Stuff

Putting into storage your children’s things that they outgrew or don’t need anymore will significantly declutter your home. You’ll find space you forgot was there! Things you should consider putting into storage are your children’s old toys, clothes, school supplies, documents, books, and basically anything else they don’t use and don’t need anymore.

  1. Decorative Furniture  

Is that “accent” piece of furniture worth the cluttered look you weren’t going for? Don’t get us wrong, signature pieces of furniture can be very important for the style and feel of your home. But it’s not a signature piece if you first, have one too many and secondly, the furniture has no purpose.

Furniture should be used, or else it’s just in the way. You should consider downsizing and put away some furniture in storage, especially if the piece of furniture is never used or if it takes up too much space.

  1. Books

Books, we love reading them, but realistically not many of us reread them again. Books take up a lot of shelf space and having too many on display looks more cluttered than well-read. Put all the books you know you won’t reread anymore into storage.

The same idea applies to old movies, magazines, and newspapers. Put them in storage if you don’t read or watch them anymore.

  1. Old Electronics

Almost every year there is a new, better gadget on the market. It doesn’t make your old electronics obsolete, but it does mean you won’t be using them anymore. Make space for the latest, TV, game console, computer, stereo system, and phone by getting rid of your old ones.

  1. Documents 

There are a lot of important documents and files that tend to take up office and drawer space. Always keep on hand the most urgent documentation like birth certificates, passports, etc. but put the rest into storage. Getting rid of all that paperwork will significantly declutter your home.