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5 Things You Need To Move Into Your Self Storage Unit Now!

5 Things You Need To Move Into Your Self Storage Unit Now!

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Nov. 5, 2019


5 Things You Need To Move Into Your Self Storage Unit Now! Image

As we go on with our lives, several things happen. Along the road are changes that either had a huge impact on us or had only brushed us enough to leave a fleeting memory. Our collection of experiences has also lead us to encounter different people, places, and emotions that ultimately shaped who we are today. 

In line with these experiences are items that may have accumulated throughout the years. Whether you are someone who’s planning to move to another residence, a travel junkie who likes the outdoors, or simply someone wanting to get rid of clutter; self storage units are an efficient way of managing your belongings.

There may be instances wherein you get overwhelmed by the amount of things in your space, or have experienced signs that you may be needing self storage. If you’re a first-timer in the world of storage units, here are the 5 things you should consider moving into a storage space to help you get sorted.


Seasonal Wear & Decor

Everyone loves holidays, more so that some people go the extra mile to prepare extravagant and fancy Halloween or Christmas decorations. If you belong to this lot, getting a storage unit can help you get organized and clutter-free. Plenty of people use self storage units to keep their seasonal decors safe, accessible, and even last longer. 

Storage companies are often the go-to place for several people who want an organized and clean wardrobe. As seasons change, keeping your winter or summer clothes in a unit can save you a lot of space and make plenty of room for more. It also saves you time for spring cleaning as you only need to collect and store your seasonal clothes in your self storage- this means no more worrying on how to manage your expanding wardrobe. 

Sports & Outdoor Equipment

Is your camping gear taking a lot of space in your apartment? Maybe those golf clubs, and tennis rackets have gathered dust along with other stuff in your closet. Don’t let your sports and hobbies get in the way of a clutter-free, spacious, and relaxing home. 

Once you start keeping your sports and outdoor gear in a unit, it will be more efficient in organizing your camping trips or planning your next sports tournament. You no longer have to fight tooth and nail looking for your tennis balls or rackets in your garage or closet full of clutter. As simple as dropping by your storage unit along the way will save you a lot of time so you can use that energy to enjoy your recreational activities.

Expensive Collector’s Items, Rare Art Pieces, and Valuables

The truth is, our homes are not the ideal place to make our most prized possessions last longer. Unless you have a dedicated room for storing your collectibles, which most people don’t, your valuables are at risk of damage. As much as you love collecting those rare and vintage toys or even first-edition books, do not let it take over your space. 

Your valuables need a different kind of demand when it comes to storage. Environmental conditions are factors we cannot control and there’s only so much that our thermostat can do. Fortunately, storage units with climate control are easy to come by. This is why for someone who’s an avid collector, getting a self storage unit is fundamental.

Baby Products and Unused Furniture

Several modern-day couples plan their family, and if you’re one of them, moving your unused baby gear into storage while waiting for baby number 2 or 3 can save you the headache and make plenty of room for parenting. Baby gears are an investment. So it’s only worth the effort in taking care of it knowing baby 2 isn’t coming very soon. Storage companies offer different solutions and storage sizes so you can work out exactly how much space you need.

Additionally, unused furniture you can’t let go should be shifted to a unit immediately.  You wouldn’t want it to fall into disuse or damage the craftsmanship. You can always keep the furniture that holds sentimental value or bring you joy in a storage unit until you decide what to do with it. You can also reclaim these if you’ve space that needs transforming or sprucing up.

Travel Equipment,  Luggage and Empty Suitcases

Unless you’re a frequent traveler, keeping your unused luggage, and suitcases is always a good idea. Until you plan your next vacation or book a flight back to your hometown, your home can benefit from the extra space you save when storing your travel equipment in your storage unit. Empty suitcases can take up so much closet or garage space. It’s efficient to store them separately to make room for an organized home. Plus, storing them at home can be tricky. 

Bonus: Documents and Important Files

Believe it or not, storage units can also be used to archive your most important documents. Your papers can benefit from the climate-controlled units that storage companies offer. Humidity is your enemy when it comes to keeping your documents safe, and storage units take that worry away by creating safe, accessible and secure spaces for your most important files.

Store Smart, and take advantage of the benefits of the self storage units in Dubai can offer. If you need help in deciding how much storage space you need, you can always drop by at The Box and let’s discuss it over coffee or tea and some biscuits in between.