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A Checklist for Storage As You Head Overseas

A Checklist for Storage As You Head Overseas

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May 10, 2018


A Checklist for Storage As You Head Overseas Image

When to store vs sell

If you are planning a temporary relocation overseas for work, you should consider self-storage as an option for things that are not only valuable monetarily but sentimentally. Large or small, before you pack your suitcases for your extended stay out of the country, consider storing the following items:

  • Smaller Valuables. These items could be jewelry or electronic devices. Think of any items that are small in size and could easily be taken without anyone noticing. By placing them in our storage facility, you are guaranteed 24/7 security with CCTV monitoring.
  • Seasonal Clothing. If you are heading to a cooler climate, consider packing up your warm weather clothes and placing them in climate controlled storage. This is also a great option if you are renting out your home and need to clear out your closets for renters before you go.
  • Personal Items. Another consideration is your personal items including photo albums and legal documents. Putting them into storage ensures that they are safe and secure for when you return.
  • Any items Not Included In a Rental Agreement. If you are planning on renting your home while you are away, consider storing whatever items that are not covered by your rental agreement such as beds or appliances. While you might have wanted to rent your home fully furnished, there are some renters who arrive with their own items and storing your home’s contents becomes a necessity.

Before you head overseas, be sure to review what in your home could and should be stored for security and peace of mind. The Box is available to help you move any items. We look forward to making your transition to your new job as easy as possible!