About Our Storage and Moving Company

in 2007

We’re located
across 3 countries

We can be
found in 4 cities

We serve across
more than 30 facilities

50,000 customers
and still counting!

We lost track of
the smiles

We are the UAE’s Most Loved Storage and Moving Provider

And the reason for this is simple – we love our staff and always do our best to invest in their happiness. If customers are to experience the best in convenience, self storage, and moving services in Dubai, as The Box, we must first lead by example.


We offer the best
customer experience in the
Dubai self storage and moving market

How we do this is by focusing on attention
to detail, listening and understanding the
needs of our customers so we can offer the
solution that they need.


We also continuously invest in the finest infrastructure for the needs of our customers

Not only does this provide the broadest range of secure storage units, but it allows us to be reached conveniently across the region 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

logo imgWe Help You Make Room for Tomorrow

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The Box offers you the opportunuty to build a rewarding career and the environment in which to work and learn from the self storage industry leader in the UAE. If you think you have what it takes, email your CV to careers@theboxme.com